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8 mistakes to avoid when remodelling your dream kitchen


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Designing the kitchen is not all about installing luxurious tiles, beautiful countertops and dazzling lights and fixtures. A kitchen should be luxurious but not uncomfortable. Moreover, a luxurious uncomfortable kitchen is of no use. 

 If your home doesn’t meet your requirements, it may be time for a renovation. While some people opt to do small renovations themselves, it’s often beneficial to work with a renovation professional to ensure the job is done right. Like painting the kitchen walls, changing tiles, painting the kitchen tiles. Moreover, cabinets, small fitting and fixtures of sanitary etc.

Why Remodeling has to be handled carefully?

Without taking any professional help kitchen renovation goes wrong sometimes. Thus, it is necessary to hire experts in house renovation in Perth for help. While remodelling their kitchen, people usually make mistakes.

That mistakes cause inconvenience while working in the kitchen. Unlike other renovations, kitchen renovation should be done professionally. With the help of experts in house renovation in Perth, it goes well.

A dreamy kitchen adds beauty to the house, but mistakes lead to destruction.

A well-modern modular interior adds an appealing outlook to the house renovation in Perth. So, the homeowner dreams to design a kitchen that may look comfortable to work and aesthetic. 

Moreover, a well modern modular kitchen interior makes the kitchen heart of the home. Kitchen renovation can be an exciting project that may involve many projects. Painting the walls, installing tile floors, sanitary systems, etc.

Moreover, everything from the backsplash to choosing kitchen appliances. Sometimes homeowners go above and beyond to remodel their kitchen. In doing so, many issues arise.

Thus, issues need to prevent. Avoid these five mistakes while the kitchen renovation.

Following mistakes have to be avoided;

  1. Being too trendy
  2. Choosing the dark colours paint
  3. Choosing the wrong floor
  4. Installing cabinets before the floor
  5. Improper writing of kitchen outlets
  6. Not installing a kitchen fan
  7. Ignoring kitchen triangle
  8. Not leaving storage

Being too trendy

While everyone wants to stay up to date on the current trends, experts advise that fads come and go, and it is preferable to leave yesterday behind and live for tomorrow.. You can get the critical exemplary fashion objects that deal with the style unless they get replaced in the upcoming years.

Professional experts say that Kitchen components and furniture such as cabinets and even countertops should be trendy that do not change over time so you don’t have to undertake a considerable new look once the trend ends. Many experts recommend focusing on the marble counter, floating shelves, and lighting for your latest options.

Avoid choosing the dark colour paint in the kitchen

The paint in the kitchen helps it look beautiful. But, the wrong colour of paint can lead to disastrous effects. Painting the kitchen is a small renovation. so, the homeowners prefer to do it by themselves.

Moreover, if they choose dark colours without having an idea about it, then renovation goes wrong. Thus, it is necessary to take help from professional painters in Perth. Expert painters provide better ideas according to the size of the kitchen.

Unlike light colours, dark colours make the place feel smaller. This is the biggest mistake that most homeowners do. But, if you want to make look your smaller kitchen big, you can do it. By renovating and painting it in dark colours, it will look smaller than before.

You must take experts’ guidelines from the painting companies in Perth.

Avoid choosing the wrong floor

Selection of floor is very important to renovate your kitchen. Moreover, the beautiful floor adds appeal to the house renovation in Perth. Many people decide to install wooden flooring in the kitchen. But most end up selecting uncomfortable and slippery wooden floors.

Uncomfortable and slippery wooden floors are not suitable for the kitchen. It is because there is a high foot traffic within the kitchen for food needs. Moreover, the kitchen is the most accident-prone area of the house. So, it is important to protect the areas where slips are most likely to happen.

You should take help from a professional. As many expert tilers in Perth provide help to choose the best type of floor for the kitchen.

Avoid installing cabinets before the floor

Installing cabinets before the floor is the biggest mistake. The experts say that the order of installation is important during the kitchen renovation. Otherwise, problems may arise.

If the cabinet is installed before floor installation, problems may arise. The floor may lose the ability to expand and contract. Secondly, it will be difficult in future to remove the floor without damaging the cabinets. Thus, it is necessary to take these things into consideration.

Avoid improper wiring of kitchen outlets

Unlike other mistakes, this mistake during kitchen renovation can lead to dangerous problems. Moreover, these are safety mistakes you should avoid while designing your kitchen. A kitchen should have three or four accessible 20-amp outlets. Moreover, outlets should be far away from the water supply.

Not installing a kitchen fan

One of the biggest mistakes that most people do in kitchen renovation is not instaling the kitchen fan. If the kitchen fan is not installed, many problems may arise. Cooking emissions mix in the surroundings and make the environment exhausted.

The kitchen fan reduces the cooking emission in two ways. Firstly, it removes the direct emission from the stove. Secondly, it removes pollutants from the indoor environment.

Ignoring the kitchen triangle

Experts believe that no matter how elegant your kitchen is, it won’t be useful if your major appliances are too far apart. At least, you should organise your triangular; oven, basin, and fridge in a cook’s pyramid so that they are together within just a few steps of one another.

Not planning storage

You can’t merely string boxes together. A high aesthetic adapts storage towards the materials that are used in certain places. There must be a variety of thousands of container available options, including basic containers, shelves, racks, and much more. Analyze the remodel’s purpose as well. If you pick vintage glass cabinets for a sleek design, maintain the contents simple and inoffensive as well.


Kitchen remodelling is included in the home renovation in Perth. Unlike other home renovations, kitchen renovation excites the homeowner. But when this renovation goes wrong, it becomes a cause of stress. There are some mistakes that usually happen that may destruct the kitchen remodelling.


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