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How to Create an Awesome Looking Gift Certificate


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Gift-giving is something we’ve done throughout time to show appreciation. Not only does it help us show gratitude to others, but it also makes us feel good and strengthens bonds too!

So there might be someone you want to thank. And there’s no better way to do so than to give them a gift certificate. It gives them the freedom of spending the money on what they want, after all.

A great way idea is to personalize and create your own gift certificate. In that case, you’ll want to know how to make it look good. Read on for some tips and gift certificate ideas!

Flex Your Arts and Crafts Skills

Do you have a drawer full of arts and crafts supplies? Whether they’re for yourself or your kids, it’s time to take full advantage of them!

Break out the construction paper, glitter, markers, and stickers. What you come up with is sure to be a work of art! And what’s even better is your giftee will have something that’s deeply personal that they’ll remember for years to come.

Use Gift Certificate Templates

Maybe you’re not that artistic and you need a starting point. No problem!

There are gift certificate templates you can use, and many are free! Browse through the templates and select the one that speaks to you. From there, you can then customize it with text and additional images to make it your own!

An added benefit of using online templates is you can either send these gift certificates through email or print them out to hand to your recipient by hand.

Commission Some Art

This is another tip for those who aren’t as artistically inclined.

Let’s say your giftee loves a certain cartoon character or show. You can then get in touch with an artist and commission some art based on that so you can put it on the gift certificate.

When they see the gift certificate, your loved one is sure to be wowed!

Work With a Professional Printer

If you’re giving out gift certificates to more than one person, you might want to consider working with a professional printer. They can help with custom-sized papers, as well as any other issues you might run across when DIYing it.

Having the help of a pro is especially useful if you’re creating gift certificates for a professional setting, such as for your coworkers or employees. It’ll have a more upscale and classy feel!

Create an Awesome Gift Certificate

With these ideas, you’ll be able to create an awesome gift certificate that your recipient is sure to love. We’re sure that just by putting your personal touch on it, they’ll be touched by the effort you’ve made!

So put our ideas to good use and make a gift certificate that your loved one will want to frame. Roll up your sleeves and get creative!

Now that you know how to make the best gift certificate possible, keep reading our blog to see what else you can do in appreciation for your loved ones!

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