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Teeth Health; 6 Worst Foods For Your Teeth


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Teeth are without a shadow of a doubt one of the most important parts of your body. What you eat defines you. Your eating habits not only represent your personality but also have a direct impact on your health. In this said case, your teeth.


According to the best dentist in Karachi, tooth decay and its symptoms are almost the same. People often think that there is no concept of good and bad food. It is not the food in reality it is the unregulated and overconsumption of these foods that are harmful to your teeth.


There are certain foods that have a negative impact on your teeth. Let us have a look at them.

Food that You should Avoid For Teeth health

1.    Sugary Foods


You have probably heard your mom scolding the five-year-old in your house for eating a bag full of chocolate. And you should know that your mom is right. That is because the bacteria that live in your mouth love those sugars. They particularly feed on those sugars and produce acids.


Acid is a corrosive substance that breaks down the enamel. Enamel is a protective cover on the teeth. It protects your teeth from cavities and other sorts of tooth decay. The production of acid is responsible for the number of oral and dental issues.


People often perceive that sugary foods only include candies and stuff. Apart from candies, jams, alcohols, soda, and cereals are all part of this definition of sugary foods.

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On a side note, fruit juices are also high in amounts of sugar and acids so be careful of them.

2.    Soft Drinks


Most of the time people delude themselves into thinking that drinking diet soda is ok. But trust us it is not!


Diet soda does the same level of damage to your body that normal carbonated drinks do. Several researchers have found out that these carbonated inks enable plaque formation.


Plaques are highly damaging as they produce acid which disturbs the enamel.

These cokes also left your mouth dry. They can lessen down the production of saliva in your mouth.


So, if you are drinking these carbonated drinks on a regular basis, you are doing your teeth very wrong!

3.    Potato Chips


Who does not love a good old-fashioned crunch of a potato chip? Yes, no one!

But change your priorities because potatoes are loaded with starch.


Starch can be quite the enemy for your teeth. These starches that are trapped in your teeth get converted into sugars. Bacteria tend to feed on these sugars and convert them into acids. These acids are responsible for the disruption of enamels which in turn causes serious issues.

4.    Ice


You are wondering why is ice on the list. It is practically water that is chewable. But no this is not the case. When you chew on these hard substances they damage your enamel.


These dental emergencies are not just confined to cavities but also include chipped, cracked and broken teeth.

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If you have an urge to chew on ice, shift your focus to using chilled drinks for the purpose.

5.    Pickles


It is common knowledge that pickles contain vinegar. Vinegar contains an ample amount of acetic acid.  Apart from wearing down the enamel of your teeth it also causes staining.


Sometimes these pickles also have sugars. And we do not have to repeat the atrocities that sugars do on your teeth.

6.    Dried Fruits


Yes, fruits are healthy. They are of utmost importance for your body and its nutrition.  Some of the examples of these fruits are apricots, figs, and raisins. They are healthy but they are sticky.


It becomes very difficult to get rid of these sticky substances and if you fail, they tend to leave behind a lot of sugary materials.


Make sure to rinse your mouth properly and remember to floss.

The Final Lines


We do hope that now you have understood why your moms are so reluctant about you eating sugars. Sugars are highly fascinating foods and have proven to be quite disastrous for your teeth. So make sure to avoid these foods and rely on oral-friendly nutrition.

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