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Amy Duggar Attacks Jim Bob: You’re Toxic! You Exploit Your Kids!


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Amy Duggar does not want to be a cynic.

She has simply seen too much.

The niece of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Amy has been estranged from her infamous family members for years — but not really due to any major fallout.

Awhile back, Amy simply chose to live a quiet lifestyle, away from the spotlight and away from the rather unusual rules and guidelines set up by her aunt and uncle when it comes to raising their kids.

But these days?

After Josh Duggar was arrested and then convicted on charges of child sex abuse and more and more sordid details came out about how his parents helped cover his dirty deeds up?

Amy doesn’t think she’s has a choice.

She’s been forced to speak up.

Duggar praised Jesus, for example, as soon as she learned Josh had been found guilty.

Prior to this verdict being reached, Amy trashed Josh as both evil and also as a sociopath.

Pretty hard to argue with both of those classifications, isn’t it?

Now, meanwhile, it appears as if Amy is going after Jim Bob. Hard.

Over this past weekend, Amy jumped on Twitter and wrote the following:

Sometimes I can be naive and think that everyone is genuinely a good person. But that’s not true, and it’s a sad world.

But it’s extremely unhealthy for me to continue to be kind to someone who exploits innocent children and lies for a few clicks.

Block the toxic.

tweet from amy d

As you can see, Amy does not cite her uncle by name.

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However, it’s worth pointing two things out here:

  1. Jim Bob is VERY clearly toxic.

  2. It recently came out that four of Jim Bob’s daughters wrote in a legal document that they were paid next to no wages for their times as cast members on 19 Kids and Counting.

Joy-Anna, Jinger, Jessa and Jill all detailed last year how their dad basically pocketed all their money for all their past appearances on TLC.

Sounds like something Jim Bob wouldd do, doesn’t it?

Derick Dillarrd has previously accused his father-in-law of stealing millions from his sons and daughters in a series of social media posts.

Based on the timing, therefore, it’s easy to surmise in this case that Amy is referring directly to Jim Bob when she talks about the exploitation of innocent girls and boys.

“I just want to be surrounded by good people and zero drama. Ya know?? Life is so short!” Amy added in a response late last week to one of her followers.

In the wake of all these scandals surrounding her relatives, Amy has been turning of late to a higher power.

“People pretend well but at the end of the day real situations expose fake people so pay attention,” she Tweeted on January 7, later adding:

“Don’t worry about people God removed from your life. He heard conversations you didn’t. He saw things you couldn’t. He made moves you wouldn’t.”

She concluded: Thank You Jesus!! #liveinpeace.


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