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Amy Roloff Talks Kinks with Bridesmaids: I’ll Never Let a Man Tie Me Up!


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On Tuesday night, Amy Roloff’s wedding special finally arrived.

The long anticipated two-hour Little People, Big World event included tears, cheers, and countless sweet moments.

Ahead of the wedding, Amy and her friends delved into an important but sensitive topic.

Amy was actively cringing, visibly uncomfortable discussing kinks and bedroom antics … and her friends understood why.

Lisa holds up a couples trivia sex book

If your friends don’t lovingly embarrass you a little as you prepare for your wedding, are they really friends?

Well … yes, but that doesn’t mean that Lisa and Deb’s couples’ sex trivia game wasn’t a fun diversion.

But it’s clear that these “racy” discussions are not Amy’s favorites.

“They really want me to kind of, I don’t know, talk about [my] love life,” Amy laments, “or personal stuff.”

First, she is asked to describe her love life with Chris Marek in terms of “hot sauce.”

Mild, medium, or spicy? Amy is clearly unsure of how to answer.

Deb reads from the couples trivia sex book

Amy notes that Lisa and Deb have brought up these topics before.

In part because it’s fun (and normal) for people who are comfortable with one another to discuss their love lives.

But, clearly, part of it has to do with the joy of sharing new information to an astonished or even shocked Amy.

The special flashes back to a previous trip, during which Lisa and Deb explained the Mile High Club.

They didn’t go into detail about the mechanics of high altitudes improving orgasm.

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Amy was scandalized enough by the idea of two (or more) people going at it on an airplane bathroom.

Amy Roloff learns about the Mile High Club

“I never feel comfortable about that,” Amy expressed to the camera with a smile.

The dynamic that is at play here is very apparent.

Amy’s friends enjoy nudging her out of her comfort zone because it’s a fun way to impart their experiences.

Lisa asks about

As they address later in the accompanying clip, they know exactly why Amy seems so sheltered.

So they want to broaden her horizons, even if she doesn’t want to try any of these things in real life.

They’re not pushing Amy to try out these kinks, they’re just helping her know a little bit more about the world.

Up next, Amy is asked what she believes the most common injury attributed to sex acts.

While collecting data on that kind of thing is tricky to impossible to do reliably, the question comes with multiple choices.

The options are “bruising, rug burns, bites, pulled muscles.”

Deb and Lisa ask about most common injuries

Interestly, Amy immediately becomes analytical — which we have to say, sounds typical of a mom.

“Well that means you’re going strong and hard,” she says, eliciting a delighted laugh from Deb.

“And the other one means you don’t have enough lubricant,” Amy suggests.

Lisa is astonished that Amy mentioned lubricant out loud, which is funny in its own way.

Amy is clearly thinking of “injuries” related to sex in terms of accidental mishaps, akin to falling off of a bed.

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She is surprised to learn that the answer is “bite marks,” as she is visibly confused about why anyone would bite each other.

“No, I’m not having him bite me, or me bite him,” says a bewildered Amy.

“Those people are weird,” she says, sounding scandalized.

Oh, Amy. The ladies also apply face masks to themselves to treat themselves. Fun!

Amy Roloff applies a face mask

Honestly, Amy’s naivete is a great reminder of how different some people’s experiences are.

Many people indulging in “kinks” think of their sex lives as fairly vanilla. Some people with vanilla sex lives think that they’re kinky.

It’s all very relative and it’s all on a spectrum. Because so many people aren’t honest with others or themselves about sex, it’s hard to say where anyone falls.

Deb and Lisa roast each other while explaining Amy's shyness

Except for Amy, who is clearly very much on the vanilla end of things.

Lisa and Deb explain that they understand that Amy has only had two men in her life — Matt and Chris.

She is not especially experienced or worldly (and they both adorably say “not like” and name the other woman before laughing).

Amy Roloff lounges in a face mask

Amy confirms as much, more or less, when she speaks to the confessional camera.

There, she says that she has felt limited in her dating pool because she is disabled.

Before and during her marriage to Matt, she never imagined that she might end up with someone of average height.

Only meeting Chris changed that, but it seems clear that Chris is not especially kinky.

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That is, to be clear, perfectly okay — you can have sex with no one, one person, a handful of people, or you can attend weekly orgies. You do you.

We’re glad that Amy felt comfortable enough to have these laughs with her friends before her big, beautiful wedding to Chris.


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