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Cardano Fan Dan Gambardello Gives Reasons Why ADA Will Start Outperforming Soon By U.Today


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Cardano Fan Dan Gambardello Gives Reasons Why ADA Will Start Outperforming Soon

U.Today – Founder of Crypto Capital Venture and crypto YouTuber has taken to Twitter to share why he continues to believe in ADA and its bright future, hoping that it will ultimately begin to outperform the rest of the crypto market.

He also poured criticism on those who are praising BlackRock (NYSE:)’s filing with the SEC to open their own ETF.

“The recipe that excites me about ADA”

Dan Gambardello tweeted that ” underperforms in bear markets and outperforms in bull markets.” This is a recipe that makes him excited about ADA with “perfect ingredients for any value investor.”

More reasons for believing in the upcoming triumph of ADA on the market are its fundamentals and the DeFi season Gambardello expects to start soon.

“Cardano vs. Bitcoin”; ADA is winning this poll

Gambardello also drew his followers’ attention to the conducted by the @WhaleChart user for his 342,300 followers, featuring ADA and Bitcoin.

The poll does not seem to have any particular topic, aside from “which community will win – ADA or Bitcoin.” Out of 14,030 participants, 54.9% voted for ADA, while the remaining 45.1% chose Bitcoin.

Gambardello slams those hyping BlackRock ETF filing

The crypto YouTuber also posted a tweet criticizing those who have been praising and hyping “the world’s largest asset firm” (BlackRock) and its endorsement of the flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

A couple of weeks ago, BlackRock (with $9.09 trillion worth of assets under management) sent a shock wave across the markets, submitting a filing with the U.S. securities regulator to set up its own Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF).

BlackRock’s filing was instantly followed by several other major Wall Street companies, including Fidelity, also wishing to create their own BTC spot ETFs. These Wall Street giants (BlackRock not included here) even rolled out their own centralized crypto exchange, EDX. Both of these factors pushed the Bitcoin price up high, allowing it to regain the $31,000 level. Overall, since the start of 2023, Bitcoin has increased in price by 83%, twice surpassing Index.

Bitcoiners on Crypto Twitter, including big names such as Anthony Pompliano, instantly began praising BlackRock for endorsing Bitcoin and its new level of adoption and interest from institutional investors.

Gambardello criticized those BTC advocates since they are not praising BTC for “decentralization or freedom from the manipulative thieving banks” but for the fact that BlackRock is now holding a huge Bitcoin bag.

Still, it must be said that he is not a Bitcoin critic – BTC and ADA are the cryptos he mentions in his videos and tweets most often, betting on both of these cryptocurrencies.

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