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Chris Larangeira Filed For Divorce Because Angelina Pivarnick Was Banging a Fellow Reality Star! [Report]


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As we reported on Monday, Chris Larangeira has filed for divorce from Angelina Pivarnick.

Of course, there was nothing shocking about the news that someone had finally pulled the plug on this relationship.

After all, Pivarnick and Larangeira’s relationship had pretty much been a trainwreck from the moment they said “I do.”

But it was a little surprising that Chris was the one who filed the papers.

After all, as Jersey Shore viewers know Pivarnick has spent much of the past two seasons accusing Larangeira of cheating on her, all while not-so-subtly lusting after Vinny Guadagnino.

But in the end, it was Chris who said enough is enough.

And according to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the former Staten Island sanitation worker had very good reason for calling it quits.

At the height of its popularity, Jersey Shore inspired reality producers all over the world to create similar series, many of which had “Shore” in the title.

And it seems that someone finally decided to combine this international band of fist-bumping party people for a multi-lingual crossover event called Celebrity Shore.

The show filmied in Spain late last year, and apparently, Angelina’s conduct was less than professional.

“In late November and early December, Angelina was in Spain filming a ‘Jersey Shore’ spin-off with cast members from the ‘Shore’ shows from around the world,” a production source tells The Ashley.

“Angelina got close to one of the guys in the cast. It was well-known.” 

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Now, it’s unclear exactly what “got close to” means in this context.

But considering Chris has put up with years of Angelina repeatedly throwing herself at Vinny, you can be sure that there was more than a little light flirtation going on here.

Of course, this is far from the first challenge that Chris and Angelina have encountered during their short time as a married couple.

Angelina has been accused of cheating multiple times in the past, and Chris confessed in a recent interview that he feels as though reality TV fame has put a serious strain on their marriage.

“We started dating years later, while she was an EMT. We actually got engaged before she even came back to ‘Family Vacation,’” Larangeira said.

“We were planning on just [having] a regular family, without all this…Without that, it would be just me and Angelina and our family. We probably would have had a kid already.”

Of course, getting by in the New York City area on the combined salaries of an EMT and a sanitation worker would present its own challenges, so Chris might be falling victim to “grass is always greener” thinking here.

But whatever the case, it’s probably best that these two go their separate ways.

Angelina and Chris’ wedding was a disaster, and it seems that things never improved much from there.

We might wind up losing Chris as a cast member, but on the bright side, we could wind up gaining Angelina and Vinny as a couple!

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That might not be Vinny’s ideal arrangement, but just imagine how entertaining the fights would be!


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