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Jamie Spears Dares to Ask Britney Spears: Are You a Danger to Your Sons?


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It is difficult to think of many names outside of politics as widely reviled right now as Jamie Spears.

She has only been free of his absolute financial control for a couple of months, but it isn’t truly over.

Britney can never get back those nearly 14 years, but she can try to hold Jamie accountable for spying upon and possibly stealing from her.

Right now, Jamie is trying to drag her into a room full of attorneys … after reportedly avoiding Britney’s team’s requests.

Page Six reports that Jamie Spears has the absolute gall to ask Britney to sit for a deposition.

Understandably, Britney’s dedicated legal team — the one that she hired herself — is beyond hesitant.

Why? Because Jamie has been dodging Britney’s attempts to depose him, left and right.

“Jamie has already been suspended [as Britney’s conservator] and disgraced,” an insider source emphasized.

“The best thing he can do is move on,” the source affirmed.

“But instead he is continuing to humiliate himself and trying to harass and bully his daughter,” the insider continued.

“He should be ashamed,” the source expressed.

That inside source is not wrong.

However, if Jamie had a true sense of shame rooted in right and wrong, he would never have done this to anyone, let alone his daughter.

Alex Weingarten is Jamie’s attorney, still for some reason willing to associate with the all but universally despised sleezeball.

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Weingarten sent an email to Mathew Rosengart, who is Britney’s attorney, on Wednesday, January 26.

Jamie’s team was hoping to schedule a date for Britney to be deposed.

The email from Weingarten was leaked to TMZ, who let the world know that Jamie is up to.

“We write to advise that we intend to depose your client ,” Weingarten conveyed.

“And,” Weingarten continued, Jamie’s team “would like to discuss a mutually agreeable date to conduct the deposition.”

Well, reports say that people in Hell want icewater.

Jamie’s attorney did seem to acknowledge that Jamie’s team had dodged two separate deposition requests from Rosengart in the past few months.

“Of course, we will also discuss scheduling Mr. Spears’ deposition with you,” Weingarten offered.

“And work with you to find a mutually agreeable date for that to proceed as well,” Weingarten seemed to promise.

Weingarten suggested early March, even offering for his own client to (finally) go first.

Britney would then be expected to follow later that same week.

According to what multiple inside sources told TMZ, Weingarten has a very specific line of questioning in mind.

He reportedly plans to ask Britney questions related to “child safety and [possible] drug use.”

Sean Preston is 16 and Jayden James is 15, tall and healthy teens with two parents who love them.

A new inside source close to Britney’s camp assured Page Six that “Britney doesn’t use drugs, plain and simple.”

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The insider declared that “This is just another tactic to make her look like the bad guy here.”

“Maybe it worked in 2008,” the source lamented, before firmly asserting: “But it won’t work now.”

One almost marvels at the hubris and lack of self-awareness exhibited by Jamie.

Jamie has restraining orders against him for both of his grandsons by Britney, following an incident when he allegedly attacked Sean Preston.

It is curious to hear that a man who used supposed legalities to imprison his daughter and allegedly attacked a grandson thinks that he is in any position to comment.


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