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Jen Shah to Kim Kardashian: Join My Legal Team! Like How Your Dad Helped O.J.


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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City viewers have not exactly been shocked at Jen Shah’s legal setbacks.

She is facing serious charges, and every update makes her chances look grim.

Jen knows that she needs a world of help.

Previously, she floated the idea of Kim Kardashian joining her legal team. She brought it up again, and she isn’t kidding.

Famously, the RHOSLC star was arrested, with the FBI’s search for her being caught on camera.

In April of 2021, Jen Shah entered a plea of Not Guilty to federal charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering.

Jen is awaiting trial, and viewers have seen her preparing for it … which is when she first brought up Kim Kardashian.

In a new interview, Jen spoke of why she wasn’t joking about wanting Kim on her team.

“Listen, Kim Kardashian is not officially part of the Shah squad legal team yet,” she said during a Bravo interview.

“People thought I was joking around when I was like, ‘Do we need to add Kim Kardashian to our legal team?'” Jen acknowledged.

“I was dead ass 100 serious. Dead ass,” Jen confirmed.

She expressed that she has “mad respect” for Kim, who of course has been pursuing a law degree.

After Kim studied extensively, she went on to pass the baby bar in December of last year as part of her quest to become an attorney.

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Jen praised Kim’s activism in the areas of criminal justice and justice reform in particular.

Kim has done more than just pour money into helping people who deserve help.

She has also used her voice to champion worthy causes, including rubbing elbows with the worst person alive to get Alice Johnson’s lifetime prison sentence commuted.

“She has been able to be an advocate and affect change for people that have been wrongly accused of crimes,” Jen praised.

“They’re innocent and then she has been able to help,” she noted.

Jen added that Kim has been able to “be part of the movement to go fight for them at the White House or with [the] government to get them released.”

Jen of course is vocally maintaining that she is not guilty of any of the charges against her.

Claiming that she has been “wrongly accused of something,” Jen suggested that Kim’s family legacy made her perfect for her defense.

Jen noted how Kim’s father had “helped” disgraced former athlete O.J. Simpson … before seeming to catch herself and what she had said.

We cannot emphasize enough that, innocent or guilty, invoking the memory of O.J.’s infamous trial is not a great PR move.

While a jury of his peers gave O.J. an acquittal during unique circumstances in the ’90s, he is almost universally reviled.

It is unwise for Jen to draw a comparison to the trial of a man believed by many to have gotten away with murder, and Jen clearly realized it too late.

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“I don’t take this lightly,” Jen emphasized.

“It’s my life and more importantly, it’s my family’s life,” she noted.

“I care about them more than anything,” Jen expressed.

“I don’t want my kids or my husband or my mom or my family affected by this,” Jen noted.

“And so,” she argued, “I have to fight.”

“I’m representing not only my family but I’m representing everybody out there that has ever been accused, wrongly accused, or wrongly convicted of a crime that they didn’t do,” Jen claimed.

“And if I have the means to fight, I’m going to fight,” Jen declared.

“I’m going to fight because what is happening is not right and this has not only happened to me,” she claimed.

“There are so many other people out there in America that this has happened to, that have gone to prison,” Jen added.

“They’re completely innocent, their lives have been ruined,” Jen said.

Many would agree that thousands or even millions of innocent people have had their lives turned upside down by a deeply flawed legal system.

But … not everyone would say that Jen is among them.

Jen’s trial is only weeks away, as it is set to begin on March 22 — just one year following her arrest. She is facing up to 70 years behind bars.

An entire array of people, including Jen’s assistant Stuart Smith, have already entered guilty pleas.

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It will be interesting to hear what arguments Jen makes in court, especially when it comes to what those who have pleaded guilty say at trial.


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