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Jessa Duggar: Here’s Why Fans Think She’s Pregnant With Baby #5!


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Pregnancy rumors are pretty much a constant in the lives of the Duggar women.

And with how frequently they turn out to be true, it’s not hard to see why that’s the case.

Duggar women usually keep their pregnancies under wraps until their second trimester.

And with the family keeping a lower profile in light of recent scandals, Duggar women often keep their bumps under wraps even longer.

So it’s not hard to see why fans are always picking apart social media posts from people like Jessa Duggar.

After all, their efforts have been rewarded so many times in the past.

It’s like the fertility cult version of a Where’s Waldo game.

But in this case, it looks as though the uterus-watchers got their signals crossed, leading to a false alarm situation that could have been easily avoided.

The trouble began when Jessa posted a video tour of her new home.

The simple clip, in which the mother of four shared renovation updates with fans, attracted a number of unexpected controversies.

First, Jessa lashed out when commenters suggested that father Jim Bob had bought her a house.

Shortly thereafter, Jessa was accused of buying favorable comments, as followers noticed that several sketchy accounts were active on her post, some of them associated with pages that proiduce adult content.

But perhaps the most surprising mini-scandal to erupt out of this simple home renovation video was the rumor that Jessa is pregnant with her fifth child.

The cause of this rumor seems to be scene early in the clip in which a very pregnant Jessa can be seen standing in front of a mirror.

“Wait. She’s pregnant again?!” one commenter asked, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“Congrats on new home and new pregnancy?” another viewer wrote.

“Yay! Wait I peep a baby bump. Is this from months ago or are you expecting!?” a third chimed in.

“Ok the mirror image… did I miss an announcement???” a fourth person asked.

We think it’s safe to say these commenters were so distracted by the sight of Jessa’s baby bump that they didn’t pay attention to other aspects of the video.

If they had, they might have realized that the renovation process started several months ago — back when Jessa was still pregnant with her fourth child.

“The start of the video shows June 23, 2021,” one commenter pointed out for the sake of those who seemed confused.

“She’s not pregnant- that is baby Fern,” another chimed in.

Yes, Duggar pregnancy rumors often turn out to be accurate, but sometimes, in their eagerness to predict the next bun in the oven, fans can get a little overzealous in their detective work.

Fortunately, Jessa is probably used to this sort of scrutiny, so she’s probably relatively unbothered by this latest intrusion info the most private corners of her personal life.

After all, with her family’s reality show finally canceled by TLC, anything that keeps Jessa in the tabloid headlines can’t be entirely a bad thing.

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