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Julia Fox: Did She Bang Drake AND Pete Davidson Before Hooking Up With Kanye?


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Kanye West is mad, y’all.

Granted, Kanye is pretty much always angry, but these days he’s even more pissed off than usual.

And we probably don’t need to tell you what it is that’s got Yeezy so peeved.

Kim Kardashian is dating Pete Davidson, and West is not happy about it.

Kanye, Kim, Pete

Of course, there’s no real reason that Kanye should be upset regarding this relationship.

After all, Kim filed for divorce nearly a year ago, and Kanye is dating Julia Fox.

But for reasons that must make sense in his own head, West threatened to “beat Pete Davidson’s ass” in a recent song.


He followed that up by spreading a rumor that Davidson has AIDS.

So why is this suddenly maniac acting so much crazier than usual?

Well, the obvious answers are that 1. Kanye is insane, and 2. he’s insanely possessive when it comes to Kim.

Those are both valid explanations, but it’s possible that there’s more to going on here than meets the eye.

Maybe to fully understand the situation, we need to delve into the recent past of Kanye’s new boo.

We already reported on the rumor that Julia hooked up with Pete Davidson when the two of them worked together on a photoshoot a couple of years ago.

Now, it looks as though Fox might have been romantically involved with another one of Kanye’s enemies.

As you’re probably aware, the on and off feud between Kanye and Drake has been raging for years.

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At one point the situation got so bad that insiders claimed Kim threatened to leave Kanye if didn’t make peace with his rival rapper.

Years later, Kim finally did file for divorce — for unrelated reasons, we’re sure — and Kanye and Drake patched things up long enough to perform at a concert together on December 9.

But Yeezy might be pissed at Drizzy all over again after learning that the Canadian crooner previously dated Julia.

According to a new report from Page Six, Fox got in front of the situation by telling Kanye about the fling before he could read about it in the tabloids.

Kanye, Julia, Drake

She and West are still together, but knowing what we know about Kanye’s jealous streak, he’s probably not too happy about the situation.

Especially if he knows that Julia and Drake were hot and heavy right up until they were forced to part ways because of the pandemic.

According to insiders, Drake first reached out to Fox in 2019 to congratulate her on her work in the beloved Adam Sandler-Safdie brothers film Uncut Gems.

At the time, Fox was still in a relationship with Peter Artemiev, with whom she shares a 1-year-old son.

When Julia and Peter very publicly — and very messily — went their separate ways, Drake promptly swooped in, stopping by to see Julia while she was doing a paid appearance at Bloomingdale’s.

“They closed down the store so he could visit,” a source tells Page Six.

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Drizzy reportedly showered Fox with presents during their time together, including two Birkin bags, which which generally cost between $20,000 and $500,000.

Together they headed north of the border and played house.

“Then she went to [his hometown] Toronto to stay with him,” says the insider.

Fox stayed at Drake’s vast 50,000-square-foot mansion for several weeks until they were forced to part ways due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

“They were closing the border [between Canada and the US], and she had to get back home,” the source claims.

Fox later got back together with Artemiev and fell out of contact with Drake.

Then she met Kanye in Miami this past New Year’s Eve, and the rest is history.

Now, there’s genuinely no reason for Kanye to be upset over any of this.

But because he’s legitimately insane, you can be sure that he’s in the process of overreacting at this very moment.

Prepare yourself for an incoming diss track, Drizzy!


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