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Kim Kardashian Poses For Pete Davidson, Unfollows Kanye on Instagram!


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When Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West over a year ago, it initially looked as though these two would manage to part ways on at least semi-civil terms.

The achievement was especially impressive as Kanye has a long history of erratic behavior and emotional instability, and it looked as though Kim had succeeded in convincing him to ignore his worst impulses for their children’s sake.

It seemed that Kim had pulled off the impossible, and fans assumed that she must have inherited her mother’s talent for handling and manipulating large, easily-bruised egos.

But then she started dating Pete Davidson and all hell broke loose.

Kanye, Kete

If you’ve been anywhere near social media or the gossip sites this week, then you’ve probably caught wind of Kanye’s latest meltdown.

It’s one of his most embarrassing tantrums to date, which is really saying something.

Lowlights include Kanye threatening Pete and starting a rumor that the SNL star has AIDS.

When Kim texted Kanye and pointed out that his actions could easily get Davidson killed, the rapper put his ex on blast by posting screenshots of their conversation for the amusement of his tens of millions of followers.

Yes, this behavior is petty and immature even by Kanye’s lowly standards.

Which might explain why Kim decided to unfollow Kanye on Instagram.

That might sound like a minor step, but these two have followed one another through numerous ups and downs, and Kim almost certainly knew that fans would notice and make a big deal out of it when she clicked that “unfollow” button.

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Again, Kim filed for divorce over a year ago, and it wasn’t until now that she took the step of publicly distancing herself from her ex on social media.

And that’s not this week’s only interesting development on the ‘Gram.

After deleting his account for mental health reasons back in 2018, Pete re-joined Instagram on Thursday.

His handle is his initials — @pmd — and his profile pic is a photo of Jimmy Stewart looking mighty perturbed in It’s a Wonderful Life.

Is that Pete’s way of saying he’s loving life with Kim, but Kanye’s threats are giving him major anxiety?

Pete on IG

Eh, we’re probably reading too much into that avi, but here’s what’s really interesting about Pete’s account:

Kanye started following him just hours after Pete re-joined.

Davidson has not returned the favor, and he currently only follows two people — Kim, and the actor Sebastian Stan, who’s apparently a close friend of Pete’s.

Clearly, West wanted to send a message that he’s keeping an eye on Davidson.

Of course, it’s not like he could escape Kim and Pete’s romance if he wanted to.

These days, pretty much everything Kim does prompts some sort of comment about Pete.

Earlier this week, the flirty photo above appeared on the account for Kim’s Skims fashion line.

And once again, fans assumed that Pete is the one snapping Kim’s sexy pics.

“Pete is a really good photographer,” one commenter wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

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The outlet went on to claim that all the attention that’s being paid to Kim and Pete is driving Kanye even more bonkers than usual.

“It’s really starting to hit home with Kanye,” an insider told The Sun this week.

“He says he doesn’t have the support system he used to have,” the source continued.

“Kris was like his mother and a huge support and now he feels he lost her too.”

The insider says Kanye has no one to blame but himself, as Kim offered him countless opportunities to make things right.

“Kim said either you get the help you need or I’m leaving – she got to her breaking point,” the source claimed.

“But he didn’t take her seriously until Pete and it was a little too late.”

It might be too late to save his relationship, but Kanye should still get help.

Clearly, the guy really, really needs it.


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