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Leah Messer: Sister Victoria FINALLY Gets to Marry Royer Rodriguez!


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Well, it’s taken them a very long time to get to this point, but Victoria Messer and Royer Rodriguez are finally married!

If you’ve been following the couple’s saga via Teen Mom 2 and Leah Messer’s Instagram page, then you known that these two fell for each other the moment they met.

But the relationship got very complicated right off the bat.

Royer got Victoria pregnant while she and Leah were on vacation in Costa Rica.

Rodriguez served as the sisters’ guide on a rafting expedition, and apparently, the watercraft was the only rubber involved in that expedition, if ya know what we mean.

That was way back in 2019, and Royer just got permission to move to the US in January.

The life of an international couple isn’t always as easy as it looks on 90 Day, y’all!

(We kid, of course — everything about appearing on 90 Day seems incredibly difficult and painful.)

Clearly, Victoria and Royer wasted no time in taking the next step and exchanging vows.

The couple tied the knot at a Virginia courthouse this week, and Victoria shared pics from the modest ceremony on Instagram.

“It’s finally official 4L,” Victoria captioned the pics, as first reported by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“I can’t thank everyone enough that has supported and believed in us throughout this process and as we continue moving forward,” she continued.

“My family is forever grateful & we look forward to an even bigger ceremony in the future. #love #marriage #family #blessed”

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Naturally, Leah was on hand for the occasion — along with a full MTV camera crew.

“Congratulations sis!” the elder Messer commented on Victoria’s post.

“You deserve this happiness and so much more. I love to see it. Ily.”

When Royer was finally permitted to move to America in January, Victoria informed her fans that wouldn’t have happened without Leah’s help.

The praise was well-deserved, as Leah provided these two with a lot more than just emotional support during Royer’s years-long battle to move to America.

In addition to helping out with legal fees, Leah agreed to become Royer’s financial sponsor, which means she’ll be assuming responsibility for him until he becomes a U.S. citizen, is credited with 10 years of employment, leaves the United States for good, or dies — whichever happens first.

If Royer and Victoria break up but he stays in America, Leah would need to reimburse the government for any benefits he might receive, such as food stamps or welfare.

Needless to say, the Affidavit of Support that Leah signed is quite a vote of confidence.

Most couples in Victoria and Royer’s situation don’t have the luxury of a sponsor, as the person who signs the affidavit has to prove that their income is at least 125 percent above the federal poverty level.

So yeah, we’re guessing Leah was the maid of honor at this week’s ceremony.

And if Victoria and Royer ever have a daughter, there’s probably a good chance that her name will be Leah.

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The Teen Mom fan favorite went from barely being able to support herself to helping her family in a major way.

Talk about a glow-up!

Congratulations to everyone involved!


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