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Michelle Young Tells All: Did She Sleep with a Suitor Before The Bachelorette?


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We’re several weeks away from the Men Tell All special on this season of The Bachelorette.

On Tuesday night, however, it was time for Michelle Young to tell all.

Specifically, it was time for her to tell all about her history with Joe Coleman, one of the men vying for her heart this fall… and the only one she actually knew before filming began.

How well did she know him, though?

As it turns out, Joe was named Mr. Basketball in Minnesota back in 2011, an honor for which Young finished as runner-up that same year on the female side.

Pretty impressive, huh?

As a result, Michelle and Joe has a unique connection and did, indeed, have some contact prior to the latter getting cast on The Bachelorette.

m. young pic

Jamie, however, believed Michelle and Joe did A LOT more than just chat, bringing up a certain rumor he heard before arriving on the set himself.

He claimed a friend of his in Minnesota saw Michelle at a bar and told him “she’s already booed up with a tall, light-skinned baller,” later pulling Young aside to ask her about it.

“There’s been a whole bunch of talk today about this kind of feeling that maybe you might’ve known Joe before here,” Jamie said to Michelle.

“For me, personally, I just don’t really care because I feel like whatever happened before getting here has nothing to do with me, but everybody else keeps feeling it.

“I think given that this entire journey is about authenticity and about trust and that that’s the standard that’s been set, I think that there’s people out there that are questioning that.”

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Michelle was taken aback by the allegation, and she subsequently addressed the group to quell all such chatter.

“What I want you guys to know is that first night when all of y’all walked in was the first night that I was meeting every single one of you for the first time,” she began.

“Joe and I exchanged a few messages quite a few years back …

“[We] kind of joke about it now, but Joe ghosted me after two messages and that was that.”

She also touched on the “rumor about me being spotted with a light-skinned basketball dude before the show,” stating on airr:

“Being a woman of color, you know, in Minnesota, any time I’m with a man of color, we’re a couple, that’s what everyone sees it as,” she said.

“I can have a romantic dinner with a white guy in a restaurant and nobody would say, ‘Oh, they’re a couple.’

“But because it’s another Black man, we’re supposed to be together and it’s frustrating because I’m open to all of you.”

Michelle asked if anyone had any questions — and no one did.

As for who was went home?

Definitely not Joe, who made out with Michelle earlier in the episode after the bonded over their shared love of basketball.

“I’ve never had chemistry with anybody this off-the-charts so quickly, that I was like, so into getting to know [and] attracted to,” she said in an on-camera interview about Joe.

“I can see him being my teammate and today I felt like he was my teammate.”

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In the end, Michelle gave roses to:

Nayte, Rodney, Martin, Rick, Leroy, Spencer, Casey, Chris G., Mollique, Olu, Chris S., Will, Romeo, LT, Clayton and Peter.

To see who advances all the way to the finale? To see who proposes to Young in the end?

Visit our section of The Bachelorette spoilers now!


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