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Paedon Brown Reveals Sister Wives Secrets: My Dad Only Loves Robyn!


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Paedon Brown is really and truly doing so many amazing things for Sister Wives fans everywhere.

That boy, bless his heart, will just not stop talking about the ins and outs of his family’s relationships, and we truly love him for that.

As the most recent season of the show was airing, Paedon, Christine’s only son, started pumping up his social media presence, and fans couldn’t get enough of it.

He started a TikTok account where he began discussing the show, and his followers began to notice how quick he was to like any comment that was positive about Christine or negative about Kody.

Earlier this month, he made waves when he made a video of himself wearing a shirt with Christine’s new catchphrase, “What. Does. The Nanny. Do?”, and many people took that as an insult towards Robyn who infamously hired a nanny during the pandemic while Kody was forbidding any of the family to spend time together.

Then for the past week or so, he’s been doing a series of interviews about the Browns, including one with The Sun in which he called his relationship with Robyn “strange and weird” because he was jealous of her children when he was younger since Kody spent so much time with them.

On a podcast called Reality Life with Kate Casey, he revealed that Kody always paid the most attention to the younger children, and while he was hesitant to say he favored the little kids, that was definitely what he was expressing.

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Based on all of the statements he’s made lately, it’s clear that his relationship with his father is very strained and that he’s much closer with his mother.

And in a brand new interview, this one with Us Weekly, he elaborated a bit more on those relationships … and about why he’s glad that his parents are no longer together.

When asked about his relationship with Christine, Paedon said that it was “fantastic,” and while they don’t live in the same town he does visit her once a month or so.

The woman conducting the interview said that she wasn’t going to ask how his relationship with Kody was doing, which seemed to be a relief to him, but she did ask if he was jealous at all of his siblings that are currently getting along with him.

“Not really, it is what he is,” he answered, appearing genuinely unbothered.

He also explained that he’s never even lived in Flagstaff, so of course he’s not going to be as close to Kody as the kids who do live there.

The next topic of discussion was the divorce, which Paedon said was a decision he supported.

“I’m honestly looking at it as, Dad found his soulmate,” he elaborated. “Dad found the woman that he does truly love.”

“He does still love Mom, Mom does still love him,” he quickly clarified. “It’s just not in the same way.”

“But he found his soulmate, Robyn, and I’m like ‘Yeah, OK, I’m not gonna get mad about it, I’m not gonna get mad at him for finding the person that he genuinely likes.'”

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He’s said several times throughout the years that he has no interest whatsoever in polygamy, but he did admit that “If I was dating multiple women at once and I found the one I wanted, I’d rather be with the one that I wanted.”

Finally, Paedon was asked about how things are between Kody and Christine now, and while apparently Christine doesn’t want him revealing too much, he did say that she has said that it’s important to her that when she does settle down again with someone, she wants Kody and that person to be able to be civil with one another.

We imagine that Christine has been instructed by TLC to keep things quiet so that there are some surprises next season, but that seems like a weird point to share, right?

But what’s way more interesting, of course, is that Paedon just flat out admitted what Sister Wives fans have been speculating about for years — Robyn is the only wife that Kody is truly in love with.

Who else is excited to see how all of this plays out?!


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