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Putlocker Shut, Want Same Site?


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The famous Website Putlocker banned!!

Here, see the better options! Yes!!! It’s true news which we are going to share with you after the ban of the famous online free streaming site The Putlocker, millions of its viewers are searching for another alternative head online like Putlocker to watch free online your favorite movie and Tv show!is a ban from America Australia and many other countries worldwide!

What was a Putlocker?

Actually, Putlocker creates a platform to watch movies and famous Tv shows free online without any registration process on their sites.

Thereby it spreads widely in whole over the world and put rank 250 in most viewing sites in last few years, potluck was started in United kingdom in 2011 but within 5 years get global popularity in the world!

How does Putlocker work?

Putlocker works by its several helping sites thereby you can open a link which you desire to see like Putlocker HD, Putlocker Fm,putlocker9, Putlocker 2 etc.

These proxy sites are generated to watch a particular seeker without wasting time searching over and over with wasting internet data. Which make the audience to attract to these proxy sites to watch what they wanted to watch,

Why did the high court ban the Putlocker?

Motion picture Association of America (MPAA) has put objection to this running website for the reason of high risk and possibility of piracy threat to movie makers. Thereby high court shut down this website by its order!

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Millions of visitors of this site are upset to see the news of putlocker banned completely!

Searching for a free movie download?

After being banned over the famous streaming website putlocker. Millions of its viewers are found struggling to search out any other alternative option to find the same feature site on google these days!

People are opting to search many more streaming sites after the putlocker ban.

But how can I rate or recommend the site? Full proof?

Here we are recommending and sharing with you the same version with the site name to you, check and enjoy which one you like to continue from now???

Are there any options available ???

Yes, here we have introduced you to a wonderful alternative website and most streaming sites to watch your curiosity free here!

Most of we are don’t have enough time to go to the theatre, book a ticket getting a desire seats to enjoy our place!

Some people don’t want companies to watch movies they wish to watch alone! And some don’t have partnered to go through.

For all these category people wonder to see their choices here committed by these sites!

We summarise here shortly but you can open it wide and fulfill your movie thirst!

Yes! movie-

Yes, this site too fulfills your hunger of watching movies of your wish will and desire with having a library of ample movies, thousands of options and other language movies come with subtitles also available.

And the main thing which remains to share is everything you get without any registration process.no sign up no log in just go to the site search and enjoy!

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Drama, Hollywood, Bollywood abundant options are available for the seeker in easy tabs

So don’t wait, go through and enjoy your holidays and weekends!

AZ movies!

This is quite a simple website, but have provided resources to downloading movies very fast if any link not working properly you were got several more link to search over there. Even HD movies can download here very faster than any other website.

The drawback is only having so many pop+ups and interruptive ads within movies may disturb your attention but those who don’t matter with ads can enjoy it thoroughly.

Movies joy!

According to its name this site updates time to time thereby viewers always gets new upcoming streaming on the webpage, having a bigger library of old and new movie collection even including Asian drama and international movies too!! A very brainstorming feature is its pretty design and attractive paging.

It’s having a pretty design thereby you love to navigate your desire to watch without any blunder!

F movie-

If you are newer in the web world here is the site through which you can browse the desired want just go by category search your wishing movies and just enjoy! easy handy no need to have pro, having the least ad which obviously not so irritating, as of user-friendly design you’ll love this one!


If you like to watch movies on your smartphone or tablet then this site is for you, Though this site doesn’t have any Tv shows having countless collections of movies library is made available!

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Simply browsing categories shown on a web page, you can watch and enjoy any movie anywhere!

Watch series online-

This is for the Tv show audience, this site only works for showing Tv show series, it updates information time to make an easy to handle for its users.

You will enjoy All your favorite shows every episode if though missing can continue your link here also!

It’s too having ads interrupting you but just not so annoying just ignore and enjoy your favorite shows!

123 Movie!

Like its unique name, the feature ate so much of this site. Here we have a tremendous option list with a huge library of not only just movies but also a cartoon and Asian drama too!

You don’t need to register here or any kind of subscription just go through a search and enjoy your favorite shows and movies!

Characteristics feature is you will have a very less number of ads while watching your favorite show or movie, this site keeps you attentive likewise putlocker!

Los movies-

This site is much suitable for those viewers who love to enjoy another language mostly internationally rated movies with subtitle, as having categorized selection simply by the tag of rating, likes views you can jump the most rated internationally recommended movies and shows are available to download and online also but having a lot of pop up annoying you surely

Solar movie-

If you are a seeker of watching categorized films as most trending, highly rated, most reviewed then this site is fit for you.

You’ll get much more browsing through this site related to movies and Tv shows too! Just a drawback is it’s not having so much big library and have interrupting Ads otherwise you can get internationally rated movies and tv shows by simply browsing here!

Though it’s a loss after The Putlocker ban but above viewed optional sites will definitely help you to stop your search for your favorite streaming site to watch free online movies and Tv Shows!

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