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Real Estate Signs as an Effective Tool to Boost Sales


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Real estate professionals make use of various methods to advertise their new listings, be they residential or commercial. Among these methods, real estate signage is considered one of the most effective ways to raise awareness. Homebuyers these days use multiple methods to look for their desired home, including driving around their preferred neighborhood to locating “for sale” signs. Similarly, businesses looking to lease or purchase commercial property also use similar tactics once they have identified their preferred location. These signs are useful in guiding potential buyers and business owners to the right contact person to schedule a property visit. They often provide contact details such as a phone number or website for interested parties to seek further information.

Real Estate Signs Are Not Only for Sellers But for Buyers Too!

Real estate signs have a dual purpose of catering to both buyers and sellers. Signs placed outside the property not only promote the property but also advertise the realtor. Potential sellers looking to list their property are more likely to approach a realtor whose name they recognize or whose signs they have come across in their neighborhood. The effectiveness of real estate signage is closely tied to the level of professionalism it exudes.

Classic Yard Signs to Attract Prospects to Open House Events

Real estate agents use traditional yard signs strategically placed in the neighborhood and in front of the property to promote Open House events. An Open House provides potential buyers the option to visit the property without having to schedule a private showing, which can create more interest. Social media and yard signs are effective methods for realtors to attract buyers to their Open House events. In addition to promoting the event, yard signs also act as directional signs for buyers who heard about the Open House through social media. Simple in design and material, Open House signs are easy to move from one property to another and realtors often invest in numerous signs to increase their outreach throughout the community.

Real estate agents commonly use yard signs as they are a convenient and widely recognized form of advertisement that can be easily placed on the grass and removed when no longer needed, such as after an open house or when the property is sold, making them an effective tool in the promotion of real estate investment. They are designed to be highly visible to passing traffic. Realtors also use yard signs as a means of showcasing their personalities. It is not uncommon to see a realtor’s picture, logo, or catchphrase on a yard sign. These signs are constructed to withstand the elements of nature and are therefore long-lasting.

Post and Panel Signs as Helpful Tools for Real Estate and Construction Projects

Post and panel signs are useful tools for commercial real estate and development projects to advertise available or upcoming properties. When scouting for a location, business owners or their representatives usually drive around different neighborhoods to observe the area’s traffic and the types of businesses present. Although online searches can be conducted, physically viewing the location is an essential step. These signs provide necessary contact information for agents and are often used for existing properties with available space or entirely new developments. Business owners tend to discover new locations through the use of these signs. Post and panel signs offer a chance to extend the development’s branding by using its colors or style in the design. Typically made of plastic, wood, or metal, these signs are durable enough to withstand outdoor elements. The size of the property may require multiple post and panel signs to ensure optimal visibility.

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Recommendations to Make Effective Real Estate Signs

Realtors can employ several best practices to create effective real estate signage and increase interest in their properties.

1. Always include a clear call-to-action on the sign. Whether it’s inviting buyers to an Open House or directing them to a website for virtual tours, the desired action should be explicitly stated.

2. Ensure the sign is placed on the side of the property that receives the most traffic to maximize exposure. If the property is in a gated community or not on a major road, additional signage outside the development or community may be necessary to increase visibility.

3. Keep the content of the sign simple and focused, but add a personal touch with creative slogans, familiar logos, or headshots to establish trust with buyers and sellers.

4. Ensure the font and colors used on the sign reflect the branding and are legible from a distance or when driving by. Poor design can hinder readability, so it’s important to consider this when designing the sign.


Real estate signage can play a significant role in promoting properties and realtors themselves. With the wide range of options available in terms of design, materials, and budget, realtors can choose a sign that best fits their personal style and branding.

Investing in real estate signage can be a cost-effective and valuable way for real estate agents to promote their properties and themselves. By following best practices in design, placement, and messaging, agents can increase their visibility, generate interest, and ultimately close more deals. If you’re inclined to invest in real estate signage, we recommend using ShieldCO custom signs. Give them a call today and get a free quote!

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