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The Top Signs Of Electrical Faults At Home


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Have you noticed flickering lights at home at least more than once? Or perhaps one or two of your electronics do not work efficiently after being plugged into a socket? These are causes of concern. Why do you ask? Your system might have issues leading to electrical faults at home. Some of these signs might reveal themselves sooner or later. 

Some of them are also discreet. But the thing is that you can do something about these electrical faults. The first thing is that you can either repair your system yourself. You can also purchase new supplies and components from Maurice Electrical Supply. Let’s take a look.

The Top Signs Of Electrical Faults

  • Flickering lights

Flickering lights might be something you see only in horror and suspense movies. But the thing is that they are an occurrence that can happen to anyone at any time. Flickering lights can occur when an electrical fixture draws an inconsistent amount of power from its source. If you’re experiencing issues with flickering lights in your home or business, it may be time to consult with a licensed electrician who holds a valid Qld Electrical Licence.

. It can also be that other appliances are hogging the current to operate efficiently. 

  • Countless extension cords

Wires are better off staying within walls. Not only do they make any space look less messy. They also keep the wirings in place and secure them as well. You have to look over them from time to time. Alteration or damage might cause them to malfunction. That would lead you to use extension cords.

Utilizing extension cords is not a bad thing at all. But any household that has several in use might have electrical issues later on. Extension cords can cause breakers to trip. Not only that, but they can also cause severe damage to outlets. Unchecked cords can also be tripping hazards for any passerby. 

  • Sparks

No matter how you have a look at it, sparks are never a decent thing. Sparks can be the result of two things. It could be that an outlet, fuse box or fixture has issues. Or it could be that your appliance is the one at fault. 

  • Hot outlets

Any appliance that produces heat can do so. It should not be the case for the outlet that powers it. The thing is that an electric current might cause any surface or switch plate to get hot. But it is a grim sign once you find out that the outlet is uncomfortably hot to the touch. 

  • Buzzing noises

A lot of electrical gadgets and appliances make noise. Some of them do not emit any form of sound at all. But you should take note once you hear excessive buzzing and abnormal sounds coming from your items at home. That means the electricity is not moving and distributed properly. Loose prongs, defective outlets, and unattended wiring can also contribute to buzzing sounds.

  • Loose outlets

You might notice that once you plug something in to an outlet, the component moves. That means you have a loose outlet in your hands. Any loose outlet might cause its wires to shake free. This aspect can lead to shorts and sparks. The neat thing is that you can take care of a loose outlet without any issues.

  • Shock

Sometimes you get a shocking sensation once you touch a metal object connected to your electrical system. That means your electrical system does not have enough ground. 

  • Unwanted smell or odor

Sometimes, a brand-new appliance or gadget might emit an off-putting smell after you plug and power it up. This odor will eventually cease. But you might want to think twice once you notice any odd smell coming from an outlet. 

  • Inappropriate outlets

A number of homeowners cannot resist placing outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms. The thing is that these can lead to tons of issues. 

  • Frequent circuit breaker tripping

Circuit breakers have a function to fail. They do so to prevent overloading. It happens once in a while, which is not a cause for concern. But having it trip and stop every time you use an appliance is a different instance. 

What You Can Do

You have the option to do a lot of steps to deal with these electrical faults. Here are some of them.

  • Look at cords

One of the first things you can do is have a look at your electrical and extension cords. Make sure they do not have any sort of wear and damage to them. Immediately replace any once you find issues.

  • Reduce extension cord usage

It is not a bad thing to use an extension cord. But you have to install an outlet to replace it. Extension cords are not ideal for permanent use. It is a must that you only use them temporarily.

  • Secure outlets

You have to check and secure any loose outlets you find at home. That action will prevent wires and other components from breaking free and causing more damage.

  • Keep appliances dry

Another thing you can do is to keep all of your appliances dry. This action is a must for any electrical item or gadget you might have resting in the kitchen or bathroom.

  • Never ignore persistent breaker trips.

It is never a good sign to ignore your breaker once it trips way more than it should. That means something is amiss, and it could lead to something more dangerous.

  • Leave things to the professional workers

It can be pretty tempting to deal with an electrical issue with no professional assistance. But the thing is that you might cause more trouble. This aspect happens once you do not have the necessary skills and tools for the job. 

Speaking Of Pros

You also have the option to look and hire an electrician or company to deal with any sort of electrical fault at home. Doing so might cause you to spend a bit more. But the thing is that they will handle any electrical issue you might have. They can work on it while you can focus on something else.

One More Thing

You can also learn how to deal with electrical faults and issues at home. The internet will be your best friend when it comes to learning how to do so. You can also participate in classes and seminars. That also improves your knowledge regarding electrical issues and other matters at home. 

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