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Tori Roloff Gets Real, Says Miscarriage Has Stolen Her Pregnancy Joy


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One can always leave it to Tori Roloff to keep things real.

No matter how personal the topic.

No matter how painful the topic.

The Little People, Big World star announced on November 17 that she’s pregnant with her third child, writing at the time:

Baby Roloff will be joining us this spring and we are so grateful to God for this sweet gift!”

Tori and her husband, Zach, are obviously VERY excited about the development, especially after Tori previously admitted the pair were having trouble with conception.

But Tori also previously confessed that she suffered a miscarriage in March.

And now she says the experience remains with her.

“I feel like miscarriage truly steals your joy,” Tori wrote candidly this past Sunday.

“This pregnancy, it’s been so difficult to get excited.

“However, we have seen baby multiple times and we’ve heard his/her heartbeat a ton. And it’s strong.

“I’m at the point that my husband makes fun of me for going to all the appointments because my OB teased that by the third most women skip out on them.”

But it makes perfect sense Roloff would be unable to, right?

That she would be scarred by the miscarriage and that she would want constant updates from the doctor these days to ease her concerns, you know?

“I’m starting to feel baby move pretty consistently and that has really helped me relax and enjoy these moments with our sweet babe!!” continued Tori in her Instagram post.

“My first trimester was pretty miserable. I slept a ton. Couldn’t eat anything. And I was bloated beyond belief. I was convinced it was a girl.”

To be clear, Tori has said she and Zach will NOT be finding out the gender of this child.

They won’t know until the delivery whether he or she is a dwarf, either.

Like most expecting parents, though, Tori can’t help but wonder what is growingg inside of her.

“My second trimester (gosh it’s gone by SO fast!) has been a lot better,” she just wrote. “Less bloat. More appetite, and I feel like I am moving and feeling good this time around! Now I think it’s a boy.”

Tori concluded by emphasizing that she’s thrilled to be pregnant.

She’s appreciative.

She’s thankful and she knows how lucky she is.

It can still be a challenge at times is all.

“I am so grateful to God for this gift,” wrote Roloff on Sunday.

“This pure and whole gift and I am so thankful that my body is capable of growing this sweet life.

“I can’t believe this is our last Christmas without him/her!”

Staying within the Roloff family:

Audrey Roloff welcomed her third child in November.

And Isabel Roloff just welcomed her first one on December 4.

Congratulations all around!

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