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Trending 5 Team-Activities in Singapore


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What is your level of familiarity with your coworkers? According to studies, the closer you are to your coworkers, the more productive you will be together. Here are some incredibly engaging, enjoyable corporate team-activity events and activities that will ensure your team and you connect in a light-hearted and pleasant manner. These corporate team-activity exercises include physical, hybrid, and virtual team activities. 

Here is a collection of some of the most unique and fun team activities in Singapore. You may compare the activities to see which is ideal for your next business team-activity event!

  1. Toilet Paper Passing Event Engagement Program for Virtual Teams

This virtual team activity is one of Happy Sparrow’s most inventive projects in 2020 when COVID-19 affected the whole planet. It not only enables personnel from various places to ‘let their hair down during this downtime. It also helps them connect; kids may practice cooperation and communication skills. Happy Sparrow was also interviewed for this unique show by Primetime News Singapore, Mediacorp Channel 8 News, on June 14th, 20!


The Squid game is a direct translation of a famous schoolyard game popular among Korean youngsters in the 1970s and 1980s. It is defined as “a sort of tag in which offensive and defence utilise a squid-shaped board drawn in the soil.” In the programme, a group of ‘desperate’ South Koreans—all in debt—are enticed to a secluded island to compete in a series of games, with the winner walking away a multimillionaire. 


If you like reading mystery novels, watching CSI (Crime Scene Investigations), and solving all the mysteries and riddles associated with the story, this is the programme for you! Before the show begins, a unique situation will draw the audience, and it will be up to the team to ask the right questions, put together missing connections, and connect the dots to solve the mystery!


If you consider yourself resourceful and like intriguing assignments and challenges, then the Indiana Jones Virtual Engagement Programme is for you!! The Indiana Jones Virtual Engagement Programme is a fast-paced and thrilling online mission and challenge-based programme. While waiting for your companions to finish the assignment, you must be inventive. 

  1. HUAT AH!

“Huat Ah!” is a Bingo-style game in which all players are given a fascinating series in a unique Matrix of 4 ×4, or even 5 x 5 squares or a highly strange combination matrix. The inquiries might be about anything fascinating about the individuals or their family members. (For example, who of you has a twin in the house? Whose children are fluent in four languages? Who can have chilli padi without drinking water? These questions may be altered and prepared before being shown on the Zoom platform.

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Bottom Line

“Team activities” and “crazy contests” are two phrases that may strike dread into the hearts of any introvert in the corporate world, particularly if they entail crazily physical team bonding activities.

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