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When you’re looking for a handyman to help you around the house, you’ll want to find someone you can trust who has the expertise to do a good job. This is especially true if the jobs you require necessitate specialized expertise or knowledge. After all, you don’t want to jeopardize your home.

The question is, where do you look for dependable handymen? That’s why we’re here to assist you. Continue reading to learn how to locate and employ a skilled handyman.


A little word of mouth may go a long way! One of the greatest ways to find a handyman is to ask your friends, neighbors, family members, or local residents for recommendations.

People will be able to recommend someone or provide you with their business cards if they have an ongoing relationship with a handyman firm or just an independent Handyman Las Villas Calabasas for their services.

Searching the Internet

You can obtain lists of handymen online with a short search. The best part about using these directories as a source, such as Yelp, is that you can read customer reviews evaluating contractors, their skills, service pros, and the handyman service itself. Testimonials, like referrals, are typically genuine!

Chamber of Commerce in the Area

Your local Chamber of Commerce or similar organizations, such as the Board of Trade or Business Association, are great places to look for a handyman. You’re in excellent hands because such renowned entities won’t propose untrustworthy handymen.

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Although not all states or areas require contractors to be licensed, if you live in one that does, ask for and verify the contractor’s license number.



When you begin laying out your chores or projects, your contractor will provide you with an estimate. Make it clear that you are not making any promises. Keep track of the quotations and compare them to the market average to ensure you’re making the best option possible.

Inquire about references.

Handyman service professionals would gladly give you a list of homes with whom they’ve worked so that you can contact them for feedback. They’ll also show you before and after photos of previous projects, tell you how much they cost and explain how they plan to do yours

I just want to emphasize that you should not be afraid to contact any of the homeowners mentioned by the contractor. Because you’re entrusting them with your home, it’s important to know about the quality of their job, any degeneration that may have occurred, any delays, and so on.

Don’t Accept the Lowest Bid

It may be tempting to go with the cheapest house handyman, but trust me when I say that you get what you pay for. You don’t want to risk obtaining bad service that you’ll have to redo every few months, especially when it comes to home renovation work. Most likely, the materials used in your renovations will be of poor quality and will deteriorate quickly!

Don’t be fooled by promises that seem too good to be true.

Some handymen have a good command of the English language. They’ll take advantage of the fact that you’re in severe need of house upgrades. Pay attention to promises that aren’t practical, such as pledges that work will take only a couple of days when it makes more sense to take at least a couple of days.

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Make sure you have insurance.

Finally, even if your state does not need handymen to be licensed, they should have insurance in place to handle any potential concerns. Your homeowner’s, real estate agent’s, or renter’s insurance does not cover contractors you hire, so you want your contractor to offer you protection in case any damage occurs.

To sum up, once you’ve decided on a handyman or home repair contractor, remember two things: never pay in advance and stay active. Always be involved in your handyman services and don’t put your faith in them.

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