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Ximena Cuellar Doesn’t Love “Weird” Mike Berk on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days (Recap)


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On 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 5, Episode 11, some couples reached a new peace while others reached a breaking point.

Ximena has grown distant, even giving Mike an ultimatum before she will let him buy her wedding dress.

But the prospect of paying for her boob job is the least of Mike’s worries.

Ben is eager to impress Mahogany, which leads to a tour of a super fake seeming apartment … and meeting her parents.

Gino and Jasmine are somehow back on track … but he’s now terrified to meet her mom.

Kimberly and Usman wake up for the first time as girlfriend and boyfriend, but Usman has something to confess.

Finally, Memphis reacts to Hamza’s cold feet, but when it’s time to give her own confession, things take a sharp downward turn.


Mike Berk and Ximena Cuellar

Mike Berk and Ximena Cuellar

Last week, Mike received a less than warm welcome in Colombia, and that has only intensified. The two are en route to go wedding dress shopping, and Ximena is already annoyed that Mike is with her.

Her mood improves at the dress shop

Her mood improves at the dress shop

Ximena feels that she looks like a “princess” and also “divine” as she tries on a dress, though Mike — per tradition — is not allowed to look.

But her mood could be better

But her mood could be better

Ximena admits to the camera that she is unhappy with Mike and plans to confront him about it.

WHY won’t he pay for her to have a boob job?

WHY won't he pay for her to have a boob job?

Ximena wants him to pay for her breast augmentation, and asks why he’s willing to buy her a wedding dress but not this?

Ximena has specific ideas about it

Ximena has specific ideas about it

She wants larger breasts, she wants to use it to possibly launch a modeling career, and she says that this is for her — so whether he is happy with her breasts as they are is moot.

It’s not a request; it’s an ultimatum

It's not a request; it's an ultimatum

Ximena tells him that she’s not letting him buy her a wedding dress (and thus, not marrying him) until he has paid for her to get a breast augmentation.

Later, things get even worse

Later, things get even worse

It’s bedtime, and Mike has to ask Ximena if she’s planning to be intimate on this trip … because so far, she has not.

That’s a no

That's a no

Ximena, like everyone else on the planet, has every right to decline sex at any time for any reason (or for no reason). However, if she wants to continue the relationship, it’s not unreasonable for her to explain why.

Her reason is … that Mike is “weird”

Her reason is ... that Mike is "weird"

Ximena then goes on to list some frankly juvenile gripes about Mike. He stops eating when she stops eating, he moves to be closer to her when they do things. He also showers her with affection regularly, which she does not like.



Some of that is stuff that can be worked on (teaching Mike to be more independent when he’s visiting, but it’s tricky since she’s basically the only person whom she knows). Some of that stuff is a difference of personal preference — many people prefer regular displays of affection unless there’s an underlying issue. But it really feels like she’s straight-up saying that she doesn’t like Mike at all.

Ben Rathbun and Mahogany Roca

Ben Rathbun and Mahogany Roca

Ben met Mahogany for the first time despite being ghosted for a while. She clearly felt that he looked different — less beefy — than his photos, so Ben has his tatas out and clearly aims to impress her when they meet up for a meal.



Ben explains that his MUA (makeup artist … just say that) gave him some bronzer to wear. Ben realizes that it has glitter in it, as it’s likely designed for photoshoots and not visiting the boardwalk, and frantically wipes it off. Oh, Ben.

He travels to meet her

He travels to meet her

Sometimes, 90 Day Fiance shows you fascinating aspects of how other people live their lives — not better, not worse, just different. Sometimes, it shows us what looks like a child’s toy car trying to fit a grown human man in the back seat.

Reunited with Mahogany!

Reunited with Mahogany!

One of the things that this show does so well is unironically portraying absurd things as if the viewers are taking things as seriously as the cast. Like the over-the-top nonsense music that plays during Angela Deem’s intros. We see that again as lovey-dovey romantic music plays and Ben and Mahogany meet up while a drone camera circles around them, as if they look normal and not like a college student meeting up with her dad.

Ben tries ceviche at Mahogany’s urging

Ben tries ceviche at Mahogany's urging

Though he initially likes it (it’s diced raw fish that is “cooked” by the citric acid in lemon juice), he is overwhelmed by the spiciness and says that, as an American, the spiciest thing that he usually eats as ketchup. That may sound odd … until we remember that he spent the first decades of his life in a cult. He likely wasn’t allowed to listen to any music, eat any food, or read any books that weren’t very traditional white American foods.

Ben asks why she was so reluctant to meet him

Ben asks why she was so reluctant to meet him

He asks if it was her father, whom he has come to understand does not approve of this “relationship.”

It was her father’s questions

It was her father's questions

Mahogany says that she got cold feet about meeting him before deciding that it was worth taking the chance.

How about a tour?

How about a tour?

Mahogany offers Ben a tour of “her” home … even though it looks like a moderately staged house, full of bland decor that has no personal touches. It’s not just that the apartment doesn’t have any photos hanging up — it looks fake.

Even Ben notices that something’s up

Even Ben notices that something's up

The spare room has bunk beds, which are almost universally for children when they’re in a house, but Mahogany awkwardly explains that they’re for friends to crash on. Sure.

Wait, doesn’t she live with her parents?

Wait, doesn't she live with her parents?

Ben has been under that impression for the entire time, but Mahogany says no.

Jose and Silvia brace themselves to meet Ben

Jose and Silvia brace themselves to meet Ben

The apartment seems extremely fake to us, but these definitely look like Mahogany’s parents. There is a strong resemblance between Silvia and Mahogany in particular.

But he’s so old!

But he's so old!

Jose points out the obvious — Ben is a grown man in his fifties dating a girl less than half his age. It’s not illegal, but it’s weird and maybe even creepy.

“Love knows no age”

"Love knows no age"

Mahogany is acting as translator for Ben and for her parents, but the presence of the cameras keeps her from carefully editing things.

Hold the phone

Hold the phone

Silvia casually mentions her daughter’s age — because Mahogany is 22. Ben has, this entire time, been under the impression that she is 24. (This is something that we noted earlier this year when we reported on Mahogany existing but not being quite what Ben thought)



Though Mahogany manages to half-convince that this was somehow a translation error, he is pretty weirded out. The apartment is clearly fake and she’s not the age that he thought that she was. Two years might not seem like much, but he has a 22-year-old daughter and this is a lot for him. And yet, somehow, he’s gonna power on through this relationship with a 22-year-old.

Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda

Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda

Gino and Jasmine are back together despite their latest dealbreaker, but are packing up to leave the resort island one day early. It’s just not the sexy getaway that they imagined, obviously. Jasmine is stunned that Gino retrieved the toothbrush that she threw onto the dirt (he suggests that she replace the head and it will be as good as new). No toothbrush should be talked about this much.

Jasmine believes it can all work out

Jasmine believes it can all work out

Of course, before that, he has to meet her mother … and her mother’s opinion will carry a tremendous amount of weight.

Jasmine had saved a shirt of Gino’s to remember him by

Jasmine had saved a shirt of Gino's to remember him by

This is when Gino confesses that he had done the same after their fight … but, in his case, it was her fingernail.



Yeah, that’s the face that you make when your boyfriend tells you that he had saved your fingernail to remember you by.

They arrive in David, Panama

They arrive in David, Panama

It’s not only a beautiful province, it’s also where her mom lives.

Gino is back to square one

Gino is back to square one

In addition to losing a lot of trust with Jasmine (you know how she creepily demands to know his whereabouts at all times?), he also needs to treat her like a queen to keep this second chance going.

He does get away for a little while

He does get away for a little while

But it’s to go ring-shopping. Yes, after all of this, he’s going to buy a ring, because he only has a week or so to earn back her trust, and he wants to be ready to propose.

Oh Gino …

Oh Gino ...

Gino passes on a ring that is less than $1,000 because it’s too expensive, and aims for a $270 ring. On the one hand, that is an extremely cheap engagement ring, and Jasmine is the sort of person who would care about that. On the other, Gino has been out of work for many months. Kind of a no-win scenario.


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