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3 Benefits Of Fully Franked Dividend And Why They Are


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For those looking to be smart with their money, a fully franked dividend just might be the best solution.  If you’re just starting out in the investing world or a shareholder who needs a bit more education, then you’ve come to the right place! A fully franked dividend is beneficial to your finances for a variety of reasons. They simply eases tax burden and balance the stock market, further improving the overall finances of companies and their shareholders. Because of all these benefits, you can see why a having these share profits is important to understand. In the oncoming sections, we’re going to give you the meaning and benefits behind a fully franked dividend to better improve your investment journey.

What Is A Fully Franked Dividend?

A Fully Franked Dividend is a share profit whereby the business has reimbursed or paid the tax. Because of this, this allows investors to have the right to get an imputation credit which is the sum of tax paid by the company. This removes double taxation, making it a whole lot easier for shareholders. They are simply bought by businesses to give to their investors through credits. These profits are paid recurringly by month, quarter, year, or even through an event. It is for these reasons, these share profits are great for encouraging balanced and competitive markets through reducing the amount of tax through a fully franked dividend.

What Are The Benefits Of A Fully Franked Dividend?

Let’s take a look at the various advantages of having a fully franked dividend right down below. This will give you a good indication when it comes to choosing a company to invest in. Let’s take a closer look!

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1# Removes Double Taxation

For a lot of people, double taxation can be incredibly unjust for investors having to pay more than what they bargained for. This eases tax burden for shareholders, allowing them to feel relaxed knowing they are receiving monetary benefits from the company profits. This provides For small companies, there is a flow through taxation which only means shareholders have to buy income taxes. Major companies on the other hand pay corporate income tax and their shareholders are further taxed on their income. A fully franked dividend removes these issues, allowing investors to be more confident and smart with their money when they’re investing in the right company.

2# Encourages Stable Stock Markets

Another major benefit of a fully franked dividend is the fact that it helps create more balanced and competitive markets. As a result, this reduces the tax burden keeping investors from feeling overwhelmed. This is a more stable choice for the share market, benefitting companies, and their shareholders. It furthermore improves the efficiency of the market as well as provides more options for consumers of lucrative companies to invest in. Because you’re receiving a credit from the company, this also allows you not to have to add it to your taxable income when it comes to tax return time. As a result, you will not have to pay tax on your share profits at all, allowing you to feel at ease knowing your financial standing is in a good place.

A fully franked dividend is essential to allow your investments to be more efficient and balanced. With these share profits, you won’t worry about losing money on taxes allowing you to relax knowing you’ve made the right choice in your investments. You’ll never have to worry about double taxation or an unbalanced market, when you’ve got share profits in your back pocket.

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