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4 Accident Prone Zones Atlanta Motorcyclists Must Be Aware Of


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A responsible motorcyclist does their best to educate, learn, and apply the skills necessary for safety on the road. From acquiring and using protective gear to being keenly aware of road laws – you know you’re completely in the right when a rash driver ends up hitting your bike and results in unavoidable hospital time. 

The point is – most motorcycle accidents are never the motorcyclists’ fault. While insurance adjusters and drivers spare no effort in making it seem that riding a bike is the worst thing possible, it is important to understand the nuance associated with this claim. 

In Atlanta, beyond just negligent drivers, certain locations may just be extremely accident-prone zones. Lawbike Motorcycle Injury Lawyers have identified these types of locations that you must exercise caution…

  1. Intersections

These are notorious hotspots for motorcycle accidents. When multiple lanes of traffic converge and vehicles are making turns, motorcyclists are put in elevated risk when drivers fail to slow down. Far too often, a motorcyclist is hurt because they stopped at a red light, but a driver simply collided with them. 

  1. Parking Lots

Parking lots may seem relatively safe compared to busy streets, but they can be surprisingly dangerous for motorcyclists. Limited visibility, distracted drivers, and pedestrians crossing without looking can all contribute to accidents in parking lots. Rear-end collisions and careless drivers backing up into your bike are common occurrences here. 

  1. Highways

High-speed highways present unique challenges for motorcyclists, including increased risk of rear-end collisions, lane splitting accidents, and being sideswiped by larger vehicles. Additionally, debris and uneven road surfaces can pose hazards at high speeds. 

  1. Downtown

This zone presents heavy traffic, congested intersections, and impatient drivers – the perfect recipe for disaster. Narrow lanes and tight spaces make maneuvering through downtown areas especially challenging for riders. Tempers may run high, and it takes surprisingly little for a careless driver to speed into a motorcyclist. 

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These 4 locations are simply a nightmare for the budding motorcyclist. However, if you’ve found yourself in an accident here, it’s essential that you reach out to a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer. These experts are deeply aware of how insurance agencies operate, along with the risks associated with these zones. They can then collect evidence and build a case that best represents your truth – thus ensuring a fair settlement. So don’t wait! If you’ve been in an accident, call a lawyer today!

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