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4 Biggest Casino Risks and Solutions for Online Gamblers


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Hello, fellow online gambler! I understand your rush for success and the willingness to become rich faster. Still, I’m here to remind you something important. 

The world of casino gambling is not only about entertaining and withdrawing your winnings. It’s about stress, risks, and real-money sacrifices, too. But there are even more risks lurking in the digital space. I offer you to look at these problems… and their solutions, too, of course! 

Risk: 1 Unlicensed Casinos 

An unlicensed online casino is not merely a site that does not have some documents. Such a site is not independently audited, meaning that no authority or commission has tested it for fairness. Plus, it also means that no authoritative organizations can protect you as a customer because they are not responsible for this particular operator. 

In briefer, unlicensed casinos are scams in 99% of cases. If they even provide services, these are usually low-quality gambling services with no guarantees. Such a casino can ban you without reasoning, confiscate your winnings, steal your data, etc. 

Solution! Only register at audited online gambling sites that have full certifications and conduct systemic checks. Here, I can recommend Jack s Casino. Plus, always ensure a license is authentic (to verify this, look at a link to the digital certificate; usually, it looks like https://validator.theirname.com/ and has no spelling mistakes — those two facts are enough to be 100% sure a document comes from an official commission). 

Risk 2: Rigged Games 

Rigging online casino games takes some magic in altering their code, but it’s easier than it seems. Casinos themselves, illegal groups, and sometimes even solo cheaters can do that. Of course, a rigged casino game will not pay you or will reward you with 10% of what you should have obtained. 

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Solution! Only play RNG-certified casino games in online casinos with high levels of encryption. Plus, you can focus on games from providers whose hardcoded features make it impossible to alter the game’s code (or, at least, too challenging to spend time on that). My #1 recommendation here is Microgaming’s creations. Microgaming progressive jackpots are extremely rewarding and well-protected from rigging. 

Risk 3: Losing Anonymity

Staying anonymous in the online gambling world is super important, especially when you are a gambler in a country that prohibits this entertainment. Plus, it’s just always right to be careful with your data and erase traces that can be used to uncover/steal your identity. 

Losing anonymity might lead to losing your accounts, banking details, and other bits of information that must stay confidential. Legal action is possible if you are in a state/country that bans gambling entirely or partially. 

Solution! Choose online gambling sites with SSL encryption and blockchain solutions that let players remain 100% incognito. When using licensed websites for casino entertainment like that, you are the only person controlling your data. Such casinos most often only need an email and a password to maintain your account, too, so you won’t have to share your name, age, postal code, etc.

Risk 4: Excessive Gambling 

Given that online casinos have gone mobile, accessing your favorite games takes seconds. The ease of this access and doomplaying can make you addicted to this entertainment. Over time, wins in casino games might become your only source of serotonin, and your rationality will decrease. That, in turn, might lead to uncontrolled money losses, depression, distancing from what used to make you happy, and severe psychological challenges. 

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Solution! Limit your sessions in several ways: 

  • General Bankroll Limits: Create a separate “treasury” with cash for gambling. This entertainment budget must not be needed for your daily life, like rent, groceries, etc. Only replenish it with the winnings you’ve got from gambling or 2-5% of your salary monthly. 
  • Loss Limits: Determine how much you can lose without feeling affected. For example, $100. Having lost that, never chase this loss and close the tab immediately. 
  • Win Limits: Like with losses, set yourself a “ceiling” of how much you can win today gambling. Upon reaching that, leave the site and take a break. You are likely to lose everything you’ve gained if you proceed! 
  • Time Limits: Only play for a certain amount of time (on particular days, too). For example, I usually let myself play on Wednesdays and Saturdays. My sessions usually start at 8 PM and end at 10 or earlier. Plus, I always set an alarm to remind me that gambling time has almost ended. 
  • Responsible Gambling Tools: Things like self-exclusion and temporary account freezing can help you stop even if your brain commands you to continue. As a rule, you can text the support and ask which mechanisms can help you control your sessions better. The support will do its thing, and you will be in a safer environment 20 minutes later. 

Final Words

The listed risks are the 4 pillars of a terrible gambling experience. I hope that your sessions do not have any of that! So, play at legitimate casinos only, enjoy the highest-quality games, stay safe, and have fun responsibly. Best of luck!

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