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4 Tips for Setting Up a Pet Medication Product Page for Your E-Commerce Website


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Pet parents are always looking to buy pet medications online because of how easy and accessible online shopping is. For that, if you run an e-commerce platform, you should consider selling pet medication. 

Compared to selling regular products, healthcare products like pet medication require a different approach. In this article, we’ll specifically talk about how you can design and set up pet medication product pages on your e-commerce website that will make life easier for your potential customers and will also help you grow your business through this particular product category. 

#1 Highlight the Usage and Benefits of the Product’s Online Feature Image

The product feature image on an e-commerce website is the first picture customers see when the product appears on their screens. This could be when the customer searches for a certain product, and the results are displayed in a list, or when they click on the product to visit the product page. In short, it’s the most prominent picture of your product that will be on display on your e-commerce site.

When you’re highlighting the usage and benefits of the product on its feature image, you’re essentially giving potential customers an idea regarding the product. They will instantly understand what the pet medication does, who it’s intended for, and what benefits they can get if they use it. 

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Here’s an example.

Let’s say you sell Rimadyl for dogs on your e-commerce website. This carprofen for dogs is used to treat pain in dogs suffering from joint pain or osteoarthritis. This pain reliever can help you get rid of your dog’s pain in one to two hours. Most importantly, this pet medication is FDA-approved, meaning that it’s safe to use on your dog. 

Now, on your product’s feature image, you highlight that the drug is FDA-approved, helps with pain relief in dogs, and can help reduce pain in two hours max. Highlighting these few things will do. You don’t need to add too many points or highlights. Otherwise, the image will look congested as too much is happening in it. 

#2 Talk About the Use and Benefits in Detail on Each Product Page

The point of highlighting the usage and benefits of the pet medication on its feature image is to grab the potential buyer’s attention. By giving them a quick look at what the product can do, you can reel them in. If what they saw on the feature image intrigued them or made them feel like the product in question is what they need, they’ll by now be on your product page. 

Now it’s time to cement the idea that this product is the one they’ve been looking for.

Let’s go back to Rimadyl or carprofen for dogs example. By now, the customer knows that carprofen acts as a pain relief and treats osteoarthritis or joint pain in dogs in just a couple of hours. On your product page, you simply have to expand on the information you provided on the feature image. 

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Talk about how carprofen works. Explain by telling customers what kind of enzymes or chemicals are released in the dogs’ bodies that help them deal with the pain or inflammation. Then, talk about additional uses of carprofen, like how it can also be used to deal with post-surgery pain. 

Talking about the pet medication in such detail helps you gain the trust of your customers, making them certain that this is the product they need.

#3 Highlight the Safe-Usage Procedures

Different pet medications have different safe-usage procedures. On your product pages, make sure all these procedures are highlighted carefully. It’s best to have a separate section that talks about safe usage techniques for the drugs. 

One of the most important things to remember here is that some pet medicines can only be used if prescribed by a licensed vet. Therefore, you must also mention whether a drug is to be taken only after consulting a vet or not. 

You should also address any possible side effects that the drug may have. This should also have its own section on the product page. Highlight the side effects in bullet points as well. 

#4 Share Usage Instructions 

This section should talk about how you need to give the drug or apply the medication to your pet. It should answer questions like when to feed the drug, how much dosage is needed, how the dosages vary according to your pet’s weight or age, how to apply it externally, and so on. The instructions will be different for each medicine. 

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In the case of an ointment or topical treatment, you can also share a small video clip of how to apply the medication to your dog. 

That’s everything you need to know about setting up pet medication product pages on your e-commerce website. Make sure to follow all these suggestions to get the best business out of this particular product category.

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