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5 Best Things You Need to Know About Washrooms


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Most of the time we ignore the wash area and give importance only to the living, dining, bedrooms, and the kitchen areas in our homes.  A washroom is a private area in the house where we undertake all the hygiene activities. Like every room in the home, the bathroom also needs to be functional in some way or the other. Isn’t It?

Besides, it is also the place where most of us unwind to wash away the tiredness after a long hectic day. If you are looking to change the doors and the windows of your washroom, then opt for UPVC doors and windows. The good news is that there are plenty of essential washroom fixtures, fittings, and accessories that will definitely make your washroom look relaxing, glamorous, and a clean look. is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of UPVC windows in Bangalore. Below mentioned are some of the 5 best things to consider for a washroom.

  1. Bathtub

Many homeowners prefer to install a bathtub in the washrooms as it comes with several benefits. Having a bathtub in the washroom is considered to be a luxury. The bathtub in the wash area is an ideal choice to unwind and rejuvenate after a tiring day. Having a bath be it hot or cold in the washtub will soothe the tired muscles and help relax the body and the mind to a great extent. It gives the much-needed break from the daily schedule.

Though a bathtub is known to give a sense of glamorous feel in the washroom, it also adds a little bit of sophistication to the area. However, one needs to consider several factors like the area of the washroom and the type of bathtub before installing one. It will be a good move to select a bathtub that is made of top-quality materials to ensure that it is durable and long-lasting.

  1. Shower Cubicle

A shower cubicle is a much-needed accessory for the washroom. A shower cubicle comes with a shower nozzle or shower head that sprays the water downwards. The main advantage of having a shower cubicle in the bathroom is it occupies less space and is more accessible. However, one drawback is that the shower cubicle does not provide the utmost comfort that a bathtub can deliver. Shower cubicles consist of several parts. Apart from a showerhead, it also comes with an adjustable controller that allows one to control the temperature of the water coming out of the nozzle. Additionally, one can also include other washroom accessories like shower rods, panels, soap holders, and towel bars that can be placed in the shower cubicle. 

  1. Toilet

Every washroom should have a toilet for disposing of urine and human feces. One can have the commode placed in the wash area as per space available and budget. Commodes come in various styles that match your requirements. One can prefer a one-piece or two-piece toilet. It is better to have a two-piece toilet as it is more durable and efficient when compared with a one-piece toilet. Moreover, it is also suggested to opt for toilets made of good materials as they would last for a long time. 

  1. Basin sink and tap

A wash basin sink is a must for every washroom for washing hands. It is a bowl-shaped fixture that comes with a tap attached that supplies hot or cold water. One can find sinks in various sizes, colors, and materials. The most common type is the wall-mounted basin, which is hung or installed on the bathroom wall. The other types are the pedestal basin and corner basins which are also great options for small-size washrooms.

  1. Bathroom Mirrors

A washroom without a mirror is like a human body without a heart. A mirror is an essential bathroom fixture. Mirrors in the bathrooms help one to groom, comb hair, shave beards, or for applying makeup. Mirrors also make the washrooms look more spacious. Mirrors with elegant frames can be great wall decor as well. However, care should be taken to fix the mirror as per the area in the washroom. Installing fancy mirrors in the bathrooms will do wonders as they make a huge style statement. 

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Your washrooms will come alive if fitted with UPVC doors and windows as they are not just water resistant but also provide an enchanting look to the area. Washrooms fitted with UPVC doors and windows are cost-effective and also durable as you get your money’s worth. 

Hope the article was useful. If you have any related queries with respect to UPVC doors and windows, kindly contact us for all your requirements as we are one of the leading manufacturers of UPVC windows in Bangalore.

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