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5 Fundraising Ideas That Always Get Results


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Fundraisers need two things to be successful. Number one is engaging entertainment and number two is a high attendance. To do this, there has to be strategic planning and lots of creative thinking. A fundraiser event typically has a charitable cause behind it, and this guide has five great ideas that always get results. 

Carnival Events

What better way to draw in the masses than with a carnival? Donations can be collected on the door, or through an online booking system in advance and they are always a firm favorite when it comes to attracting high numbers of people through the gates. It is possible to find reliable and fun carnival game rentals that will really bring the whole day together, and this is a theme that you can really lean into. They are easy to market because naturally exciting events like a funfair always become the talk of the town fairly rapidly too. 

Sports Days

This is another event where any age group can get involved, which is incredibly beneficial for fundraising purposes. It can include fun races and serious ones for those with a more competitive streak and incorporate old-fashioned entertainment along the way. For health and safety purposes, these events are better to take place in the drier months because adverse weather will only lead to cancellations and wasted budgets. 

Bake Offs

Baked goods are a universally adored food. So, what is more entertaining than watching people bake their hearts out on stage or judging different categories throughout a bake-off fundraiser event? This event can be organized and structured in a few different ways. One way would include a judging panel and a number of contestants competing for a cash prize to donate to their charity of choice. Another popular route includes allowing people to sign up for different categories and submit a baked good to be judged as the winner. Bring in the spectators and let people take part in the vote to raise more money too. 

Skills Auctions

Skills auctions are particularly great for reaching out to local communities. These events can take place outside on a stage or in a local hall instead, which means you have this option at any time of year! The aim is to include a number of professional services up for grabs. Guests buy a ticket, but also bid money on the various services on offer during the event and all of this money goes straight back into the non-profit. They are a lot of fun, and lots of people love to show up and give their support. 

Dance Competition

Last but not least, a dance competition is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. It could go in various directions including a dance until you drop theme, or giving a more performative edge to proceedings with a full-blown competition instead. It is bound to attract plenty of guests and participants and therefore bring in lots of donations as a result. 

Fundraising is only useful if it gets results. Donations are important, but they will only come if the theme is fun and engaging. 

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