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9 Career-Boosting Degrees to Pick in 2023


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When choosing a college degree, it’s best to go with what you’re most passionate about. If you haven’t yet found your passion, making that decision can be tricky and stressful.

In that case, there’s nothing smarter than opting for the latest career-boosting degree, as long as it piques your interest. Although all degrees have some scope within their field, some degrees are more in demand today than others. That includes healthcare administration, artificial intelligence, anthropology, and other unique degrees to advance your career. 

If you’re interested in using your education as leverage in your career life, here are a few degrees that always catch the eyes of recruiters. 

  • Accounting

Any organization without an accounting department is incomplete, so this degree is always in demand. A master’s degree in accounting is a surefire way to boost your career, especially in a company’s finance or accounting divisions.

With an accounting degree, you’ll learn how to evaluate, analyze, and investigate various aspects of revenue and other fiscal topics under accounting. It will teach you the importance of accessing the right operational and financial data for your company or organization. An accounting degree will further your position in the corporation as a decision-maker and boost your career inevitably.

To pusue a masters of science in finance or accountin, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field.

  • Healthcare Administration

When getting a degree in healthcare administration, you’ll learn how to effectively run a healthcare institution, such as a laboratory, rehabilitation center, or hospital. You’ll also learn about the commercial side of administering a healthcare institution while dealing with industry-specific problems.

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Students in healthcare administration will attend health classes to understand their future work environment, enjoying many possibilities for advancement. Since healthcare administration is a broad field, you won’t need to study the coursework most medical students must complete. 

The demand for healthcare employees is ever-growing, so you won’t have any trouble advancing your career with this degree.

  • Data and Analytics

A bachelor of science in data and analytics will allow you to study data evaluation for specific information. You’ll also learn to analyze and visualize this data before arranging it into a presentation. More importantly, this degree will teach you to use the right programming languages, pattern recognition, data extraction, and data visualization software for your needs.

Today, major corporations are looking for data scientists to conclude and comprehend massive amounts of data available and gathered online. Since data science is still in its early stages, the demand for data scientists is high. You can use this degree to help companies forecast their specific industry or demographic behaviors and make better business decisions. 

  • Cybersecurity

Cyber theft becomes more concerning for companies as the internet becomes increasingly important. The pandemic only worsened this issue by allowing remote attacks to develop more malicious schemes. There’s no doubt that the world requires more cybersecurity now than ever. 

If you’re seeking a master’s degree in cybersecurity, you’ll study network security basics, computer security, and more. Your main aim will be learning to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. This degree will train you to use these methods professionally, especially when protecting consumer privacy.

  • Business Economics

A master’s in business economics is a foolproof way to advance your career, as it teaches you to prioritize your problem-solving skills to target challenges large corporations may face. This degree is exceptional at globalizing your worldview, focusing on financial, sociocultural, and geopolitical issues in your study. 

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Undoubtedly, it provides valuable resources for students hoping to leverage their flexibility and problem-solving skills in their careers.

  • Artificial Intelligence

If you’re looking for a high-demand degree with better pay, there’s nothing better than artificial intelligence. AI is no longer a niche interest; thousands of corporations are actively offering AI-related positions with only a few candidates to fill them.

You’ll learn computer science fundamentals alongside robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence during an artificial intelligence degree. More importantly, you’ll study the fundamentals of web searching and information retrieval while focusing on machine learning and robotic theory principles.

You must be well-versed in technology and mathematics to excel in this field. You won’t have to worry about getting a job with this degree, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that artificial intelligence employment is expected to rise exponentially.

  • Blockchain Technology

After realizing the importance of the field in the modern field, individuals are leaping to get a chance at a blockchain technology degree. With the advent of cryptocurrency, there’s no doubt that blockchain technology is a field worth focusing on.

This degree will allow you to work as a blockchain programmer and develop various blockchain apps. You’ll learn important blockchain technology courses to help you advance in your desired sector or even launch a career without prior experience.

  • Anthropology

An anthropology degree will focus on human behavior from social and biological viewpoints, which is why it’s one of the most valuable degrees to earn for the future. It’s known for its versatility, as you can use it in various fields, such as teaching, business, art, and more. 

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While pursuing an anthropology degree, you’ll explore subjects in cultural anthropology, linguistics, biological anthropology, archaeology, and more. This degree will allow you to work as an anthropologist, urban planner, public policy analyst, curator, conservationist, activist, or archaeologist. 

Possible courses in the program include human ecology, monkey behavior evolution, resource management, archaeology of culture, and others.

  • Biotechnology

Biotechnology infuses biology and technology to improve efficiency in healthcare, manufacturing, and agricultural organizations. The cellular process has endless potential, which is why this degree is in high demand today. As climate change worsens and new viruses present, biotechnology professionals must efficiently research and mitigate these threats. You may pursue biotechnology as a bachelor’s or master’s degree, specializing in a field that best suits your interests. Courses in a biotechnology degree include vaccine development, laboratory management and safety, genomic analysis, applications, and bioinformatics.


Any degree can help you in one way or another, but there’s no doubt that certain degrees have more leverage in the professional world. With degrees like blockchain technology and cybersecurity in demand, it’s clear that recruiters are looking for tech-savvy employees now more than ever.

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