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Important Things to Consider When Designing Your Food Boxes


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As stores receive new arrangements on how customers shop inside them, it is more significant to make the packaging boxes that allow customers to understand your item initially. In the food industry, the competition is rising day by day. Thus, having the right packaging boxes for your food items might be the best approach to make customers choose your brand. Yet, there are some important things to consider when designing your food boxes.

The Market Overview of Custom Food Packaging

Every time we are talking about the presentation and special freedoms, the product packaging you choose needs to serve these purposes. Most importantly, the packaging should be designed to secure your items inside it. The custom packaging hardware industry alone spotlights on labeling and packaging benefitting almost $450 million out of 2020, only in the United States alone.

This is because of the further increasing downstream interest that has permitted this industry to develop gradually all through the recent 5 years. The 3 greatest segments that involve this industry are food and beverages, family merchandise, and medicine packaging. These 3 portions alone make up just about 2/3rds of the business.

Lining this up, the food and beverage packaging industry alone records for 50.3 percent. This turns out to be the biggest of the packaging devices downstream market.

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With such an enormous market, your custom food packaging is definitely more significant than apparently. Damaged packaging, typical decline, and wear are normal. On the other hand, your food items are as yet responsible for pollution during transportation or movement.

What Are the Benefits of Using Custom Food Packaging Boxes?

Using custom food packaging boxes enables you to describe to your customers the reality of your delightful food items. You know that you need to face cutthroat competition in the food market industry. Thus, it is a higher priority to show potential customers exactly what is in your edibles by simply take a look at your packaging boxes.

Yes, you could use key sustenance realities as an approach to get customers to choose your food items amongst the rest. You could provide the list of calories and supplement value on the front (if you need customers to see this data). In addition, you could also display how much dietary fiber your edibles have.

In these modern days, customers would always choose food sources that are premium and exclusive. Accordingly, having that data stand apart instantly will help you stand out over the opposition!

Follow the Rules of Food Packaging Boxes

Your food packaging boxes are made of more than 5 unique layers. The segments going from the external layer to the inks are used to print that eye-catchy design. The idea behind the many layers is to guarantee the items inside are shielded from harmful environmental issues.

Yet, there are 3 different ways your food items might experience compromised safety such as:

  • In the form of movement where ink components pass through their substrates and onto your items,
  • Imperceptible set off in which ink-printed sides are transmitted to the food-facing side during the printing process,
  • And the gas phase transmission where inks may interact with the air inside the packaging.
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All of the 3 ways above are risks for your product safety specifically.

So, how could you suppose to battle these? Your ink decision, in fact, is vital to the hygiene of your food boxes. When printing for food explicitly, inkjet inks are an exceptionally safe, sustainable choice.

What Materials You Should Use for Your Food Packaging Printed Boxes?

Yes, there are various substrates that can be used to make food-safe names. However, you need to understand the necessities for your food packaging printed boxes. Will your boxes come in direct contact with the food items? If this is the case, it will be essential to use a material, adhesive, and ink chemistry that is food safe.

Pigment inks are broadly famous as the best option to create food-safe labels. Digital printers, for example, can be used to carefully print direct contact safe food names in full colors. This printing method uses the furthermost down-the-line innovation to print with color inks at speeds up to 150 feet each second!

Water-based inks can be the perfect solution for food packaging printed boxes. Eco-friendly, water-based inkjet ink is protected, excellent, practical, and flexible. Since they are food safe instead of food-grade, they can be printed directly onto the boxes. Even better, you could do this without the requirement for extra material. This makes them productive as well as an earth cognizant choice for your inkjet printer.

How To Make Your Food Packaging Boxes Wholesale More Alluring?

The most ideal approach to make your food items more appealing on the shelves is to use forte materials like silver foils or holographic foils. These glossy labels on your food packaging boxes wholesale will naturally drag every single eye to your food items. In this way, highlighting your food brand amongst the oceans of other brand names in the market.

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Another convincing approach to grab the most attention is to use a splendid brand logo. This would eventually create a separating factor that will make your edibles and brand stand apart from the rest.

Adding a foil or pigment to your product name will truly give it the pop. This will attract those customers who are searching for the best one when roaming around in the stores. The pigment will add a raised impact to the ideal parts of your brand logo. Accordingly, a foil will give it the shiny look to highlight your delicious food items. These things regularly signify that the items inside the boxes are more excellent than the others around them.

Wrapping Up

Having the most convincing food boxes not only will help you to highlight your delicious food items. More than that, these excellent boxes would surely drag customers to pay more attention to your items and brand. In the end, this will create a separating factor that will make your edibles and brand stand apart from the rest. Well, what could be better than that?

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