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Why Choose Banarasi Sarees This Season?


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An outfit worth the recognition and praise it receives the Indian saree has held captive many hearts over the years gradually becoming one of the most beloved attire flaunted by women everywhere. Banarasi sarees are a type of saree that is made in Varanasi or Banaras. This saree is woven with great care and meticulous concentration. It has been favored by women for its elegance and opulence.

Women will be captivated by the beauty and elegance of the Banarasi Saree regardless of season or occasion. These are all reasons to buy a Banarasi Saree this holiday season.

What is the Origin of the Sarees?

Beautiful weaves such as those found on Banasari sarees can only come from a source as beautiful as the fabric. Banaras a city known for its cotton textile industry has been a major contributor to the culture of Banaras. These beautiful silk weaves are influenced by the Mughals whose designs can be seen prominently on the Mughals’ attire. The Banarasi weave is heavier and more beautiful thanks to the addition of floral motifs.

Making a saree can vary from one design to the next. Simple patterns take 20 days to make while more complex patterns take six months.

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Different Types of Prints and Designs

Banarasi sarees are available in a variety of designs and patterns that will appeal to all saree-lovers. There are two things that distinguish wholesale banarasi sarees from others: the design and the material. These types can help you make the right decision based on your preferences.

Opaque Zari Brocade

There are many variations depending on the weftzari used. This is a great option for those who love zari work.

Amni Brocades

Silk is used to replace weft patterns in these saris. It comes in both untwisted and twisted yarns. Amni Brocade Banarasi Saris are very popular among traditional Indian sarees.

Tanchoi Brocades

These sarees are densely patterned and heavy. They use a different weaving technique than the normal. This technique can be used with a single or double warp and anywhere from two to five colors of the same shade on the weft.

Zari Brocades

These sarees can be made with transparent silk muslin, organza and beaming hued silk or zari.

Kincab Brocades

Kincab Banarasi saris can also be known as heavy gilt brocade or heavy zari sarees. It is a great choice for people who love zari and bling.

Which Blouse Styles Are You Able To Wear With Your Banarasi Saree

Silk is a delicate fabric and should be treated with care. Flimsy patterns could cause damage to the fabric and make it difficult to wear again. Your ultimate goal should be to choose patterns that highlight the best aspects of your outfit. These are some of the patterns we recommend:

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Sleeveless Blouse With High Neck

A high-necked blouse can be a great option if you are averse to sleeves. It will make your outfit elegant and classy.

Sleeves That Reach The Elbow

Cap sleeves are passé and we don’t recommend them on your Banarasi saree. Opt for sleeves that are at least elbow length.

Crop Tops

You can get a croptop that matches perfectly with your saree if you don’t want to bother getting one sewn.

What Accessories Should You Use To Accessorize Your Beautiful Uutfit?

You have found the best sarees online and you’ve shopped at the best stores to find the perfect ensemble at a reasonable price. The right accessories are equally important to make your look successful. We suggest these accessories to compliment your outfit.


Jewellery is a great addition to any outfit regardless of culture or tradition. A kamarpatta is a great choice to go with your Banarasi saree. An armlet that wraps around your arm adds a little bling to your saree. The look can be completed with a maangtika on the forehead ring-cum bracelets, anklets, bangles on the wrists and jhumkas around your ears.


You are someone who can effortlessly carry a saree while still gliding on heels. Beautiful studded shoes that have miles of heels would look great with a saree. They will make your legs appear longer. Mojdis which are flats or even better will make your saree look longer. Mojdis embellished with ethnic touches can be added to any ethnic look.

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Yes that’s what we mean. Although surat sarees are a favorite of women especially for festive and celebratory events not all women can pull it off with the same confidence. Wearing a saree is a great way to show confidence and shine brighter than any other firework.

How Do You Maintain Your Sarees?

You must remember the delicate nature of a Banarasi Saree. This is not the attire for you if you’re used to being very careless about your clothes. Traditional Indian sarees require special care in washing ironing and where it is placed in your closet. You should read this blog to learn more about the best care for your particular saree.

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