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All About Trending Rakhi Designs and Types


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Wondering how to make this rakhi different for your siblings? The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with much fervor in India. It is a day to let your siblings know how much they mean to you, despite all the bickering you may engage in. The little ones are always so excited to wear a different rakhi. Can’t rush into stores? Now you can buy rakhi for kids online this year with a unique Rakhi design and make them feel special on this day.

Why is Raksha Bandhan Celebrated?

The word Raksha Bandhan translates to ‘protection’ and ‘bond’ – and this festival is when siblings promise to love and protect each other. Over the past few months, celebrations have been muted in the wake of the pandemic. However, the lockdown has been strengthening family ties. After being holed up at home or isolated from loved ones because of travel restrictions no wonder that Raksha Bandhan is being greeted with renewed excitement. The exchange of gifts between siblings is an honor on Raksha Bandhan, which represents the long life and well-being of the brother. Sharing gifts on an auspicious day is a remarkable moment that everybody cherishes.

Different Styles and Designs of Rakhi

Many new styles of rakhi are seen every year and this year is no exception. Every year, thousands of different rakhi designs flood the market before the festival of Raksha Bandhan. Siblings spend a lot of time deciding on the best ones, and to help make the decision easier for you, here is a list of popular rakhi designs:

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Cartoon Rakhi

Cartoon rakhis are always a hit, especially among younger children. Today, there are several rakhi’s with cartoon characters available in the market – from Chhota Bheem to Doraemon to Tom and Jerry. Simply choose your brother’s favorite cartoon character and delight him at the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

Personalized Photo Rakhi

After the festival of Raksha Bandhan is over, a rakhi is usually taken off and forgotten. If you are looking for a special rakhi, consider giving your sibling a rakhi with a picture of the two of you together that they are sure to cherish.

Plantable Rakhi

Love gardening? Or simply want to lead a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle? The perfect way to do that is with an eco-friendly rakhi that can be planted. Yes! Many people today are opting for rakhis that come with seeds and can safely be planted afterward. It will be lovely for your sibling to see a plant that will always remind them of you.

Toy Rakhi

Why go for a regular rakhi when you could delight your siblings with a rakhi that can be re-used as a toy later. Today, many rakhis come with toys so they can be used after the festival is over as well. Like a toy car, fidget spinner, jelly balls, clay or any other toy your little sibling loves to play along with.

Food Rakhi

For your foody siblings, you can get them rakhi which has their favorite food drawn in it, which can be later used as an eraser. It will look very fascinating to kids who love food as well as this festival. They will be filled with joy.

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Bracelet Rakhi

Generally, rakhi’s are taken off after a day, but why not give your little sibling’s rakhi that they can wear every day. A rakhi that is a bracelet is a very good idea to keep your blessings always close to your little ones.

Card Rakhi

Cards used to be such a sweet medium to wish for anyone. Did you know you can make use of this idea in your rakhi as well? You can customize your rakhi as a card that will have some beautiful memories spent with your little loved ones. 

Light Rakhi

Light seems very attractive to kids. Imagine their hands have those colorful changing lights all day and will bring a big smile to their faces all day long. You can find many amazing designs with lights online.

Last Words…

Rakhi this year will be very special for you and your little siblings as well. From such a wide range of options, you can select the best rakhi that your little sibling will love. 

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