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Choose the right Ottoman beds frame


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Choosing the right bed frame is an important part of improving your sleep. Yet people do not immediately think of a Ottoman beds frame when it comes to improving your night’s sleep . Knowing how to choose a bed frame is just as important as finding the best mattress, choosing the perfect pillow or making your room more comfortable.

Why is it important to choose the right bed frame?

There are several reasons why a bed frame should be the centerpiece of your bedroom.

Style – After all, it is the first object that catches someone’s eye as soon as your bedroom door opens. Without a bed frame your room will look empty, something is missing.

Promotes your sleep and therefore your sleep – A bed frame can improve and correct your sleeping position, making it easier to get in and out of bed. Certain bed frames, with an adjustable bed base, provide the necessary support for your unique sleeping style.

This can relieve sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and keep you from sleeping in an unhealthy position. For example, by raising the headboard a bit.

Resilience – If you are a light sleeper, it is important to invest in a quality bed frame. A poorly crafted bed frame can wobble and can wake you up every time you or your sleeping partner move through the night.

Protects your mattress – Mattresses need support to extend their life. Your bed frame forms the basis of your complete bed . Without an adequate bed frame, you can therefore shorten the life of your mattress , which can cause deformity or pits.

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Types of bed frames

The search for the perfect and best bed frame is almost as challenging as finding the mattress itself. Below you can read more information about the different types of bed frames so you well informed can make a choice if you decide to buy a new bed frame .

Traditional bed frame

A traditional bed frame consists of head, foot and sides that reinforce the mattress on all sides. Made of metal or wood, a traditional Ottoman beds frame is a simple rectangular support system with legs. Also called a hospital bed. Although there are of course also a lot of beautiful traditional bed frames. For the most beautiful metal beds , we recommend that you take a look at our top 5. Metal bed frames are making a comeback in 2021.

Platform bed frame

A platform bed frame is one of the most stylish Ottoman beds frames you can choose from. This type of bed frame offers comparable mattress support as a box spring offers. It reduces unavoidable mattress wear by creating a firm, flat surface on which to place your mattress. Thanks to the extra height, this bed requires less physical effort to get out. We also wrote an article about the difference between a platform bed and a box spring .

Storage bed frame

A storage bed frame is similar to a platform Ottoman beds frame. The distinction between a platform bed frame and a storage bed frame is that a storage bed contains compartments or drawers at the bottom for storage. This bed is optimal for those with small bedrooms who want to limit the amount of furniture in their room.

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Adjustable bed frame

An adjustable bed frame provides the foundation needed for an adjustable bed that is compatible with the floor. The hinged surface supports the mattresses. This bed frame is best suited for someone who spends a lot of time in Ottoman beds. It is highly recommended for individuals who want to improve their sleep. Mainly because they last a long time and can continue to support your ever-changing sleep needs every night.

Most adjustable bases allow you to adjust the position of the head or footboard for more support than just the comfort zones of the mattress. You can set the movements via a wired or wireless control, depending on the sleeping style you have or need at that moment.

The caveat for an adjustable bed frame is that you need to make sure the mattress you’re using is suitable. If this is not the case, you will damage your mattress and therefore not maximize the investment in the adjustable base.


If you occasionally need an extra bed for lodgers example, during the holidays or family gatherings, then meets a folding bed. The strengths of the folding bed lie in its ability to be set up in an instant and it can be easily stowed away.

Bunk beds

A bunk bed is ideal for two children in one bedroom. This bed frame maximizes play space in a small bedroom while providing firm support for both mattresses. It allows each child to have their own bed with easy access via a ladder.

A sofa bed

A sofa bed offers a versatile style that can function both as a bed and as a seat. Since it only comes in two sizes, it is not a recommended bed frame option for those sharing a bed with a partner. This multifunctional bed frame is perfect for a sleeper with a busy lifestyle or overnight guests. Most offer a pull-out pull-out option that offers more options for sleeping.

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Other considerations when choosing a bed frame

As you weigh the different bed frame options for your bedroom, there are a few other aspects to consider before making a purchase.

The size of the mattress

When purchasing your bed frame, make sure that it is the right size for your existing mattress. If you don’t already have a mattress, you should compare mattress sizes to choose the perfect mattress and bed frame for your needs. Both are long-term investments, so consider what you think will be a good fit now and a few years from now. It is also recommended to purchase a complete set. This way you can be sure that the mattress and frame fit together well.

Size of your room

A bed makes up a large majority of the average bedroom. A large or bulky bed frame can easily overpower a room and take up unnecessary space. Choosing a simple bed frame that feels less impressive or opting for a storage bed frame instead of a dresser can maximize your space.

Headboards for a bed

An additional item you may want to add to your bed is a headboard . This item adds a decorative flair to your bedroom and gives it extra body.

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