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Testosterone Cypionate : effects


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Testosterone Cypionate is one of  the anabolic plus common in the industry of _ strength sports . _ It is especially popular in Spain . this is strange because the market has one more suitable for the use of ester – enanthate , and not, because the Cypionate is produced in America, which makes it an anabolic very affordable on East country .

Drug properties : _

Even though he has sides Quite negatives in the form of a considerable list of possible effects secondary due to aromatization , at the same time , the cypionate is very effective for gaining muscle mass and increasing the strength performance . _ Before we start our review of this ester , let’s understand a little what testosterone is and why what was such need to attach acid waste _ carboxylic acid to testosterone synthetic in the first place .

What is testosterone and why what we need esters ?

Testosterone is one of the main hormones , which plays a crucial role not only on the body masculine , but as well on the feminine . For men , this androgen it plays a special role , as it is responsible for the health of the sexual system . As well help to burn fat intervenes _ on the tissue development _ bone and muscle, and is responsible for many others processes not only at puberty , but _ during all life . _ For example , if a man has levels low of this hormone , this affects your _ character , behavior and mood . _ _

The drowsiness , the lethargy , irritability and many others things are characteristics of production reduced hormone _ on question .

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The problem is that, as we age , the secretion of this remarkable hormone decreases , which causes diverse health problems ( including old age ) . Fortunately , medicine advances , and in 1950 the first testosterone synthetic . The idea was that I could be used to increase artificially the testosterone level _ on the body human .

However, it arose other problem : hormone synthetic era action too fast , so you had to manage several injections per day and testosterone level _ alone rose to the level necessary for a short period of time .

with esters What CYPIONATE , which was discovered some years after the introduction of enanthate , the action ( release period ) of testosterone multiplied synthetic , which allowed Apply just a couple of shots by week in hormone replacement therapy ( HRT ).

Cypionate Description _

Testosterone Cypionate _ _ pharmacy is a long ester of testosterone . His half- life is about two weeks , which makes the Testosterone Cypionate is a _ good option for those who are against injections _ frequent steroids . _

Product Steroid Profile _ _

  • 17b-hydroxy-4-androsten-3-one
  • relative mass of the TC molecule is 412.6112
  • Testosterone Molecular Weight synthetic – 288,429


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