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Abram Boise: The Challenge Star Accused of Abuse By Ex-Wife


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Shocking news today involving a fan favorite from one of MTV’s most popular reality shows.

The Challenge star Abram Boise and ex-wife Rachel Missie went their separate ways in September, just four months after welcoming their first child.

Now, Missie has alleged that Boise was physically and emotionally abusive to her throughout their relationship.

Abram and Rachel got married in 2019, and fans were initially under the impression that their split was amicable.

However, as The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports, Missie revealed the truth of the situation (or at least her side of the story) in the comments on her Instagram page this week.

“There comes a time when it’s more hurtful to keep protecting someone then letting it out,” Rachel wrote in response to a fan who asked her advice on how to end a bad relationship.

Missie went on to state that she “married a salesman who in reality does not and did not amount to who I believed him to be” and “who he continues promoting himself to be.”

“On different occasions [I] had to call the cops,” she added.

“The circle was even harder because he’s surrounded by friends and family who enable his bad behaviors by not holding him accountable.

“He has a way of spinning things as if remorseful all while manipulating the situation and repeating the same bad behaviors,” Missie continued.

Missie 3

“He did not respect me. He does not respect women.” 

She encouraged the fan to “leave and choose yourself,” noting how grateful she is to have escaped her situation:

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“I’m proud to have left at [age] 28 instead of 5-10 plus years later,” Misser said.

Missie 2

“I’m still in my prime with a lot of positive adventures ahead.” 

She added, however, that Boise “has taken advantage of the situation and is not upholding our agreement.” 

“I am a full time mom,” she wrote.

Missie 1

“I agreed to 50/50 legal & physical custody. I requested no alimony, no maintenance, no child support, and no claim to the property in Montana all to keep the priority about my son,” she stated.

“It’s why our divorce didn’t take long, I asked for nothing…However, [my son’s] father has taken advantage of the situation and is not upholding our agreement.” 

Abram — who made his TV debut on Road Rules before competing on eight seasons of The Challenge — has yet to publicly comment on the allegations against him.

Longtime viewers may recall that Abram dated co-star Cara Maria Sorbello for five years before that tumultuous relationship came to an end in explosive fashion.

This latest controversy points to a longstanding issue regarding MTV and its apparent tolerance for abusive behavior from the network’s reality stars.

Viewers have been imploring executives to be more sensitive to such matters ever since Amber Portwood was arrested for assaulting Andrew Glennon back in 2019.

(It was not the first time that Portwood — who formerly served time in prison — was apprehended on domestic violence charges.)

Just last year Jersey Shore star Ronnie Magro was arrested on domestic violence charges for the second time.

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The charges were later dropped when his fiancee, Saffire Matos, refused to testify.

Still, fans hoped that the network would take some sort of disciplinary action against Magro, but execs opted not to.

Hopefully, MTV will offer some sort of response to this latest round of allegations.


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