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After School Programs in the United Kingdom


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Introduction to After School Programs

Children who are school going consume their good 6 to 8 hours in the school from morning to evening children are continuously studying and studying and hardly they get 10 to 30 minutes break during the whole day for the lunchtime. This means that children do get tired of studying; not only children get tired their minds also get exhausted from the continuous process of learning. However, when children return home tired and drained, they are left with nothing but to engage themselves in unhealthy activities or just sleep. They do not have any after school programs planned to get engaged in.

Unhealthy Activities

Such unhealthy activities are like playing play stations, or video games, or just watching a movie or simply using their mobile for straight 1 or 2 hours or sometimes even more.

So such unhealthy activities negatively impact children, significantly when they are growing and vulnerable or exposed to get in more illegal activities. However, this can affect them in later life because when in a young life, children are exposed to wrong activities, then in later life they can’t change their adopted habits and learning.

To Encounter Unhealthy Activities

So to reduce or minimize and to encounter such unhealthy activities, after school programs are the best solution or way to save the children from many harmful and unhealthy actions.

After school programs are mostly supervised by the school and colleges in which the student is already enrolled. it can be run by the independent and other management or authorities, but for that, parents have to search and investigate and then get their children admitted in it.

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After School Programs

However, after school programs are an opportunity and chance for the students to encompass their learning and activities further than just the formal curriculum, it helps students to learn more such exciting activities which will freshen up their minds and their bodies and students will grow in a better and healthy manner.

After school program is also known as after school activities program too, and there are various names for it, but the purpose is same to provide good, healthy and enriching creative activities to children who will be beneficial for the children and build their personality in a better way.

UK Being Concerned for its Youth

In the United Kingdom, after school activities were initiated from a very long time because the educational institutions understood that after school activities are need of the time and if such program won’t be initiated then it will cause long term negative impact on their young generation and this impact can even get become adverse if not taken in consideration. However, the government of the United Kingdom has also supported such programs but allocating a good amount of grants. And by encouraging the educational sector for such initiative. For many after school diploma programs, Cheap assignment writing service UK also offers its best possible writing services for students at very affordable prices.

In the United Kingdom, the way of living or we can say lifestyle is in such manner that to run the family and to earn the sustenance for the children both parents have to work so that they can provide and fulfill the needs of their children so when the parents are not at home and when children return back from school and when no parents are at home to supervise their children’s activities and actions then it’s more likely that children will fall into the wrong company, or indulge in wrongdoings so in such risking situation after school programs is the feasible and best solution for children to be in safe hands. When children are enrolled in the after school program, that means that they are in safe hands and in under constant friendly supervision until their parents are back from the work to be with their kids.

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Benefits of After School Program

After school programs are not only beneficial for children for healthy growth and development but also, its a lot more useful for parents and especially single parents who face difficulties in staying updated and being a vigilante and available for their children.

According to research, it is having been it is proven that from 3 pm to 6 pm that are such peak hours that students will engage themselves in risking, in aberrant or criminal or drug activities which means that if on such time students would be away from the supervision and would be on their own so they will be more likely to get involved in such deviant activities so once again it proves that initiative was taken by the UK educational system of after school program will impact positively on children mentally and on their personalities.

The after-school program gives a proper chance to students to excel and enhance their skills and work on their area of interest, such as if a student is more interested in being an athlete and have interest in athletics so playing football, cricket, basketball, badminton or every kind of sports will give them a chance to learn, to practice, improve and develop themselves in that field. If someone is more inclined towards being creative and has interest or passion in such creative things so getting indulge in photography, arts, film making, drama, script writing, sketching, painting and many more so they can work in this and make themselves better. Many more things can be learned even in the after school programs such as swimming, something regarding science, math and much more. This after school program is nothing else but beneficial and useful for children

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However, after school program in UK also keeps an eye on the diet of children, and makes sure that when children are spending their time in such program so they should be provided good quality and nutritional snack or food which is healthy for children, moreover in after school program a meeting is also carried out to address parents’ concerns, their reservations, what they want for their children, and are they satisfied with the progress and life of children and are they satisfied with the behavior of their children as after school program also councils the children and address their issues of they are facing any and such program has been significantly helpful in reducing the mass behavior of the children.

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