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Agile Working Environment – The Future of Work


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What is an agile working environment?

An agile working environment is a workspace created to fulfil the needs of both employers and the employees. It has become more popular with the introduction of hybrid work – a model where it is difficult to predict how many employees will show up in the office on a particular day. In general, an agile working environment is based on 4 principles:

  • Adaptability – An agile working environment needs to be flexible. It should be possible to adapt it to the number of employees that are in the office at a time and to achieve a convenient layout in any situation.
  • Balanced – Every person has different needs and works better in certain environments. Some prefer a quiet room where they can fully focus on their tasks, others would rather work in a place where they can brainstorm and consult their decisions with coworkers. An agile working environment should consist of different types of rooms to create the best possible conditions for every type of employee.
  • Human-centric – The third key principle is human-centricity. The workspace needs to be comfortable and convenient for employees to such an extent that they could perceive working in the office as an equally viable option to working from home.
  • Data-driven – Finally, an agile working environment should be equipped with innovative technologies that collect data on how the space is used. This is crucial, since it enables further improvements based on facts rather than assumptions.

What types of rooms does an agile working environment consist of?

While an agile working environment should be flexible and organized in a convenient way that allows the employees to move freely around it, there are some typical kinds of rooms that should appear in it. What are they exactly? Let’s take a closer look:

  • Quiet rooms – For those who need privacy and concentration.
  • Open-plan rooms – Larger areas that boost cooperation and interaction.
  • Resource rooms – Places with printers, scanners, or office supplies. The machines usually cause a lot of noise, so it is good to have them separated in specific zones.
  • Touchdown rooms – Spaces where an employee can quickly set up and embrace a productivity sprint.

What are the benefits of creating an agile working environment?

There are numerous advantages of this innovative approach to the office layout. These include:

  • Higher productivity,
  • Better employee satisfaction,
  • Improved employee retention rates,
  • Lower office costs,
  • Enhanced collaboration.

The takeaway

Agile working environments are the future of work for a reason.They come with many benefits for the businesses which introduced them and involve creating a large variety of different spaces, tailored to the different needs of the employees. With the growing popularity of hybrid work, such a solution is bound to become the new standard, so don’t hesitate to introduce it in your company.

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