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Alina Kasha FIRED, Edited Out of Remaining 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Episodes


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90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 5 star Alina Kasha had all of the makings of a multi-season star.

That was before Alina’s racism scandal came to light.

Earlier this week, it was reported but not confirmed that Alina was fired from the franchise.

Now, TLC has formally announced her dismissal and affirmed the network’s stance against racism and bigotry.

Alina Kasha comes clean about living with her ex

TLC released a statement saying farewell to Alina Kasha, whose real name is Alina Kozhevnikova, after widespread backlash.

“TLC discontinued filming with Alina Kozhevnikova following the recent discovery of her past social media statements,” the network confirmed.

“She will not appear on the upcoming Tell All,” TLC assured fans. That Tell All is rumored to have filmed this past weekend.

Alina Kasha still needs to tell Caleb her secret before it's too late

TLC shared that Alina will not appear on “any future seasons of the franchise.”

“And starting next month,” the network stated, “she will no longer appear on Before the 90 Days.”

The statement concluded: “TLC does not tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind.”

Alina Kasha IG n-word caption beard post 2015

Alina’s posts, dating back to around 2015, include anti-Black racism.

She also mocked Muslim women and Hugh Grant’s multiracial children for being “kinda Asian.”

Alina’s bigoted posts were not casual “jokes,” as several included makeup, costumes, and various iterations of the N-word.

Alina Kasha FB n-word party

Alina did issue a public apology several days ago.

This was only after initially denying that she had made the posts, accusing blogger Mommy Says Bad Words of fabricating the posts.

The attempt to hide the truth does not really send across the message of someone who admits to past wrongdoing.

Geoffrey Paschel found guilty of domestic assault

Alina is not the first to be fired from 90 Day Fiance.

Convicted abuser Geoffrey Paschel was fired after the horror stories of numerous exes were uncovered by viewers.

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In 2020, “Baby Girl” Lisa Hamme was fired for calling then-husband Usman Umar the N-word (after a social media slur scandal) after fans learned of it.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme - duct tape on IG 02

Meanwhile, 90 Day Fiance legend Larissa Lima was fired in 2020 for … breach of contract after doing a CamSoda livestream.

Big Ed Brown, accused of sexual misconduct, remains employed. So does on-screen verbal abuser Angela Deem.

Clearly, being fired from the show is not one-size-fits-all by any stretch of the imagination.

What makes Alina’s situation so sad and so interesting is that she spoke about bigotry and prejudice just last year.

“I don’t really see, you know, a lot of homophobic and racist comments anymore,” she observed in December.

Alina said that this was “because people really know that it’s not OK, and it is not OK.”

Alina Kasha is very honest with Caleb Greenwood about last night

“For some reason, there’s not much talk about ableism and how people can say degrading things about those who have disabilities,” Alina noted.

“And maybe something can change with the show,” she suggested at the time, “because more people would know that it’s not OK.”

Alina hoped that going on the show would help people understand that it’s not okay “to, I don’t know, shame someone for their height or for using a wheelchair or something.”

Alina Kasha drinks, neither guy has had a threesome

This scandal and firing has proven to be a challenge for an alarmingly large subset of 90 Day Fiance fans: racists who also hate women.

Combine ableism and misogyny, and Alina’s on-screen behavior as a disabled woman with normal sexual desires became their enemy.

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In fact, many long-time Alina haters practically salivated at the news that she had a racism scandal … because they already hated her.

Alina Kasha dated her ex for six months, isn't telling everything

So there was a group of people who detested Alina for desiring sex, and despised her for being a disabled woman with a guy of average height.

They jumped with joy at the news of her racism scandal and pushed to have her fired.

But, as their wish was granted and even before, the darkest corners of social media began to show pushback from these exact same people.

Caleb Greenwood embraces Alina Kasha

Why? Because the idea of someone being held accountable for racism was hitting a little close to home.

Suddenly, social media denizens have been “just asking” if the N-word is really so bad.

After all, if Black rappers can say the anti-Black slur, why can’t Alina, a white Russian woman?

Alina Kasha (preview) knows she has to tell Caleb

Very quickly, we need to remember that Alina’s bigoted posts targeted Muslim women and Asian children, but that doesn’t answer the absurd question.

Literally all slurs work in the same way: cruel words with decades or centuries of violent history behind them targeting one marginalized group or another.

However, whether the slur is racist or ableist or homophobic or beyond, the group against which the slur is hurled can use it without it being hurtful.

Alina Kasha waits at the airport

Why? Well … that’s kind of how all insults work, if you think about it.

Someone can call themselves “ugly” and their friends will be sad. If someone else calls them “ugly,” it’s a grave insult.

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But calling someone “ugly” doesn’t generally imply a cruel insult to millions of other people. Slurs do.

Alina Kasha watches happily as he removes his shirt

Plus, slurs are infinitely crueler and inherently threatening. Really the worst words conceived in the history of language.

Again, Alina did more than just post slurs.

Also, while these are “old” posts, they don’t date back to when “edgy” humor was all the rage, and in some cases, it’s hard to see what the “joke” was even supposed to be.

Caleb Greenwood and Alina Kasha speak after meeting

Under other circumstances, firing Alina in 2022 might not be the right course of action.

If her bad posts hadn’t included slurs. If the posts had been a few years older.

If they hadn’t involved costumes and makeup. If she hadn’t initially claimed that the posts were photoshopped.

Alina Kasha (preview) hasn't shared her secret

Those are a lot of ifs that do not apply to the reality of it all. It’s too much, and it’s very fair for people to longer want to see her on their screens.

We don’t think that Alina is an evil person, and we hope that she is a much better person now than she was in 2015.

But it’s beyond fair for people to not want to see her reality TV career continue. Many bad acts can be outgrown, but not all.


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