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All You Need To Know About Ultrasonic Portable Level Meter


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Ultrasonic water level metering is a non-contact method for measuring water levels. It is often used to measure non-contact volumes, such as tank volumes or river levels. A portable ultrasonic water depth detector is an acoustic device for measuring water levels in reservoirs, rivers, lakes, shallow water, and other water bodies. A portable ultrasonic water level indicator is a device that allows measuring the water level of pipes, tanks, cylinders, etc. 

Working principle

The portable liquid level indicator combines the high-frequency ultrasonic pulses generated by the sensor with the outer wall of the container. The ultrasonic signal returning from the vessel wall is attenuated differently by different media. Reflected waves generated by the sensor generate an electrical signal. You can use the digital value on the LCD panel to determine the magnitude of the electrical signal.


Ultrasonic sound level indicators can be used to measure the water level of lakes, rivers, shallow seas etc. This makes it an ideal-sounding instrument for hydrological surveys, hydroelectric power plants, lake areas, shallow sea, river surveys, environmental water monitoring and more.

Facts to keep in mind when using a portable ultrasonic liquid level meter

  • Ultrasonic depth gauge has blind spots. The values shown in the blind spots are just random values.
  • Ultrasonic water bubbles only work in water.
  • If you are working in seawater, enter the salt level in the appropriate menu. 
  • The transmission power should not be set too high or too low or it will not work properly. 
  • The ultrasonic depth gauge has blind spots. The values ​​expressed in blind spots are only tentative values.
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How to use a portable ultrasonic gauge?

The primary purpose of a portable ultrasonic water level gauge is to measure the water level in tanks or pipes. It can be used to measure the amount of water in storage tanks or pipes used in gas fire suppression systems. It can also be used to measure the level in a cylinder/container at a certain height.


The materials for the vessel in question may include various metals, aphene content, glass and so on.

Wall thickness: 

The wall thickness shall be at least 30 mm. 

Measurement method: 

Parameters to be measured include dielectric constant, density, electrical conductivity, temperature, pressure, reflectance coefficient, etc. It can detect all non-crystalline, non-particulate liquids Suitable for corrosive toxic hazardous liquid fire detection, and gas flame retardant acceptance testing due to the non-contact nature of the material

Benefits of portable water gauge.

Portability and flexibility

Ultrasonic water level indicators can be easily transported and installed in tanks, making them ideal for businesses that need to measure their tank levels regularly or have multiple tanks located in different locations.

Nondestructive testing

Portable liquid level indicators use non-invasive test methods such as ultrasonic testing to accurately measure moisture content. This helps keep your tanks intact and prevents you from having to drill holes or make adjustments to your tanks.

Easy installation

Portable water level indicators are easy to install and use. It usually requires little or no wiring. This means that it can be installed in a short period of time and at low cost. Portable water level indicators can be used for short-term or emergency needs management.

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Cost-effective solution

One of the most cost-effective methods of measuring tank levels is to use portable level indicators. Portable water level indicators are affordable, easy to install, and require little maintenance. This makes them ideal for small and medium businesses.

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