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Amber Portwood: Andrew’s “Drug” Claims Can’t Stop Me From Seeing James!


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It seems that there is no end to the Amber Portwood pity party parade as far as she is concerned.

Last month, Andrew Glennon accused her of using meth in the past, even while she was pregnant.

He suspected her of using it again, citing odd behavior, and demanded a drug test.

Amber is loudly announcing that nothing has changed — and nothing will stop her from seeing her son. 

Over the weekend, Amber Portwood took to Instagram Live.

While wearing a cozy sweater in the dim lighting of her living room, she held a bit of a Q&A.

A fan of hers asked about her son, and Amber told them that James “is good.”

There was, naturally, a follow-up question.

Another fan asked: “Do you see your son often?”

With extensive drama between Amber and Andrew and between Amber and her daughter Leah, this is a reasonable question.

Amber, however, sighed in apparent exasperation and replied impatiently.

“I feel like that’s a question I get asked every single time I’m on here,” she complained.

“And,” Amber added, “I always say the same thing.”

To answer the simple question, Amber then confirmed: “Yes, I do. Always.”

She detailed: “I see him tomorrow.”

Amber said this late Friday night, so presumably she was referring to Saturday, November 13.

Amber then went on to talk about a subject that is clearly near to her heart.

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She has a book coming out, and encouraged her fans and followers to go ahead and pre-order it on Amazon.

Amber added that her “plans tomorrow are to see my kid.”

Why is Amber so testy?

Maybe it’s because it’s a touchy subject. Maybe it’s because this is just her disposition.

Odds are pretty good that it’s a little bit of both.

As we previously reported, Andrew recently demanded that Amber submit to a hair follicle test.

This is a test to determine drug use.

He claimed that she has used drugs even while pregnant and caring for a minor child — presumably, James.

Andrew went on to say that a recent meet-up (as part of their custody arrangement) revealed erratic behavior on her part.

He described Amber as paranoid, convinced that various cars were following or spying on her.

While Amber is a reality TV star, it’s unclear why a rational person in her position would believe that she is being staked out like this.

According to Andrew, he had seen this kind of nervous and irrational behavior from Amber before.

When? According to him, when she was using meth.

This, he stated, is why he wants her to take a drug test — so that he can know for sure.

Amber’s retort was that she has had no issues related to drug use during any of her parenting time.

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She also is still on probation after her arrest (for domestic violence, from that time that she attacked Andrew) in 2019.

Because of that, she still has monthly drug screenings, and has not failed these.

According to Amber, the only drugs that she has taken are prescription drugs, taken within their legal limits.

That could be an explanation — plenty of legal drugs can produce side effects and influence behavior.

One wouldn’t necessarily have to take a high dose of drugs to have a strong reaction. Simply skipping a meal could do it.

But Andrew wanted to know for sure, and it’s clear that James’ safety is a fixture in his mind.

(Amber of course thinks that Andrew is just trying to make her look bad — which of course is her job)

Maybe whether any drugs are legal or illegal is less important to James’ safety than Amber’s behavior — legal drugs, illegal drugs, or pure Amber.


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