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Amelia Hamlin Reacts to Scott Disick’s New Girlfriend: She Can Have That Loser!


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It’s been over a month since Amelia Hamlin dumped Scott Disick, and if we had to guess, we’d say she has no regrets about that decision.

When a woman who’s not yet old enough to legally buy a drink dates a man who’s old enough to be her father, she probably assumes that he’ll be the more mature party in the relationship.

That didn’t turn out to be the case with Amelia and Scott.

In fact, Scott embarrassed himself and his much younger girlfriend so badly that he basically left Amelia with no choice but to kick him to the curb.

As you might recall, Scott messaged Younes Bendjima on Instagram hoping that the boxer would join him in mocking their mutual ex, Kourtney Kardashian.

Amelia was rightfully horrified, and she dropped Scott like a bad habit in response to the incident.

Thankfully, the 20-year-old model seems to have no regrets.

These days, Scott is rumored to be dating Elizabeth Grace Lindley, and while some fans expressed concerns that Amelia might experience a resurgence of feelings for her ex after seeing him with someone new, it seems those fears were unfounded.

“Amelia has totally moved on since her relationship with Scott,” a source close to Amelia recently told Hollywood Life.

“She’s happy doing her own thing, working on her career, and is excited about her future in general. She really isn’t holding onto any type of hope of a reconciliation between her and Scott.”

Yes, once again proving that she was always the mature one in the relationship, Amelia apparently harbors no ill will toward Scott … she just wants nothing to do with him.

“At this point, [she] just wants him to be happy doing whatever it is that he chooses to pursue. Whether it be dating other women, that’s fine by her and she’s honestly completely unbothered,” the insider added.

“Amelia has moved on so far from Scott,” a second source said.

“It is something that is beyond her right now, she enjoyed her time with him and then it went south, and she now sees the person he is today is not the person he was originally with her.”

The second insider confirmed that Amelia is still single, and it seems she’s in no rush to enter a new relationship.

“Amelia doesn’t want one-way relationships and though she isn’t actively looking for a new boyfriend, once she gets one it will be someone different from Scott,” the source told Hollywood Life.

“She has lived and learned and moving forward with her life without him in it and she doesn’t care what he does. It is no longer her business.”

It’s admirable that Amelia has no hard feelings toward Scott, but apparently, not everyone in her family feels the same.

Over the weekend, Amelia posted the photo below, in which she can be seen rocking Alo workout gear.

“The devil wears @alo,” Hamlin captioned the pic.

On its own, this would have been the sort of branded content that goes largely unnoticed, but Amelia’s sister, Delilah Hamlin, took this opportunity to dunk on Scott in hilarious fashion.

“Way better than the photos talentless took,” she commented, referring to Disick’s Talentless fashion label.

Yes, it seems that Talentless might have doubled as the Hamlin family’s nickname for Scott.

Unfortunately, it also appears that Amelia wasn’t in on that particular joke.

“@delilahbelle why don’t i get it?” she replied to her sister’s comment.

Of course, many of Amelia’s followers got the joke — and if the comments are any indication, it was thoroughly appreciated.

“Saaaavaage,” one user remarked.

“GIRL U DID NOT – omg IM DEAD,” a second commented.

“Amelia it’s so funny plz get it,” a third chimed in.

We’re sure Amelia will get it eventually.

And hopefully, she’ll realize that the joke has always been on Scott.

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