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Amy Slaton Gender Reveal Video: Is Baby #2 a Boy or a Girl?


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Early this year, 1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton-Halterman revealed that she’s pregnant.

Already a mother to precious 1-year-old Gage, this will be baby #2 for her and for her husband.

Now, Amy has shared a homemade video of the family’s sex reveal party.

People shared their guesses in writing, but only one side was right: are they expecting a girl or a boy?

Amy Slaton feels sisterly concern

Amy and Michael are expecting their second child this summer, with an approximate due date on July 18.

Over the weekend, she shared a video from a small family gathering.

The video, styled to look more like a home movie made in 1992 than 30 years later, includes the big reveal.

Amy Slaton before the big reveal

“Hey y’all! It’s Amy, and today we’re doing the gender reveal!” she tells the camera.

“I’m super excited. I’m hoping for a girl,” Amy admits.

As fans are already well-aware, she is already the mother to her 14-month-old son, Gage.

Amy Slaton IG pregnancy announcement, due July 18

“Michael’s hoping for whatever,” Amy shares on the video, which has an incorrect timestamp in its corner.

According to her, “He’s the only one that knows.”

There are then several minutes of Amy’s loved ones writing down their guess as to Baby #2’s expected gender.

Amy Slaton IG 12 weeks pregnant

Most of Amy’s friends, perhaps inspired by Amy’s hopes or their understanding of probability, voted for “Girl.”

Well past the 5 minute mark in the full video, it’s time to break the news.

Amy sits in front of the camera, holding a sizable and folded piece of poster board.

Amy Slaton holds up an It's A card

The front reads “IT’S A,” an obviously incomplete statement that teases the answer.

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Amy wastes little time, flipping over the cover to reveal the answer.

She and Michael are, once again, expecting a boy!

Amy Slaton holds up a BOY! card

Amy is stunned that Michael’s Y-chromosome came back for seconds.

“What the f–k?” she asks, amused but perhaps a little bewildered.

She then starts to laugh.

Amy is so tickled that she asks Michael, just to double check that it’s no joke.

It’s not a joke.

Amy is handed a phone that shows her the results, just so that she knows that she’s not being pranked.

“It’s a boy,” Amy confirms to the camera.

It sounds like she says that her second child’s name will be John Alan, possibly with an alternative spelling.

Amy also plans to call him John Boy, apparently.

“So thank y’all guys for watching,” Amy tells her fans and followers at the end of the video.

She concludes, as always, with: “Bye Youtubees! Suscriiibe!”

Congratulations to Amy and Michael and their growing little family!

Fans hope to see 1000-lb Sisters continue with a fourth season and are eager for a renewal announcement.

The prospect of a new baby in the mix obviously has people’s interest.

However, fans of the show were already keen on seeing more after the Season 3 finale.

Tammy Slaton awakens from coma

In the space of one short episode (and just a matter of several weeks in real time), Tammy Slaton went through it all.

Worn out by drinking and partying, she finally checked herself in to rehab.

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The next day, Tammy was hospitalized with collapsed lungs, and was no longer breathing.

Chris Combs shares that Tammy Slaton lost 115 pounds

Tammy awoke from her medically induced coma. Three weeks later, she returned to rehab and began her treatment in earnest.

Tammy lost over 100 pounds in just a short amount of time, stunning friends and family with her progress.

Fans want to see the Slaton sisters continue their journey. And as for another baby? The more, the merrier.


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