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Anna Duggar Net Worth: How Broke Is She? (And How Will She Survive When Josh Goes to Prison?)


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In just one week’s time, Josh Duggar’s child pornography trial will get underway following months of delays.

The charges against the 33-year-old stem from a Homeland Security raid that took place in November of 2019, so Josh’s family has had a long time to prepare themselves for the possibility that he’ll be going to prison for a very long time.

Obviously, Josh’s wife, Anna Duggar, stands to be the most profoundly impacted, especially since women in the Duggars’ community are often forbidden to work outside the home.

Anna just welcomed her seventh child in October, and she might soon be in the position of feeding all those mouths with no visible means of support.

The question of how Anna will support herself has been a frequent topic of discussion in the Duggar-focused corners of social media in recent weeks.

While there’s some disagreement with regard to how much blame she deserves for enabling Josh’s behavior over the years, everyone agrees that her children bear no responsibility.

If anything, this family has suffered enough because of Josh, which is all the more reason that no one wants to see them plunged into poverty.

But unfortunately, it looks as though if Josh is found guilty, his wife and children will need to do some serious belt-tightening.

According to a new report from In Touch, Anna’s new worth is a paltry $50,000.

Needless to say, fans were shocked by the news what all those years of reality TV stardom didn’t result in more sound financial footing.

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Part of the problem, of course, is that TLC has canceled Counting On, bringing an end to the Duggars’ lucrative reality TV empire.

That means there’s no more money coming in — and if Derick Dillard is to be believed, Jim Bob Duggar’s kids and in-laws weren’t seeing much money to begin with.

Derick is the husband of Jill Duggar, and he claims that Jim Bob has stolen millions from his own children by pocketing their TLC salaries.

So Josh and Anna didn’t pull in a lot of cash during their time on television.

However, Josh benefitted from his family’s wealth in other ways.

Until the company was raided in 2019, Josh co-owned a used car dealership with Jim Bob.

The place never re-opened after the raid, for obvious reasons.

In the years since, Josh managed to profit from his father’s many business ventures in other ways.

Most recently a lot shady Duggar real estate deals have been happening in recent months, and Anna stands to benefit from at least one of them.

Last month, Anna bought a mobile home and a plot of land not far from her current home in northwest Arkansas.

The consensus among Duggar critics is that Jim Bob and Josh were the ones spearheaded the deal, but that they made the purchase through Anna’s LLC for tax purposes.

In all likelihood, the deal is for Jim Bob to develop the land in a way that will create some sort of income or hefty profit for Anna.

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Sources who are familiar with the family’s financial arrangements say that Jim Bob draws the line at giving his children cash, but he will enable them to take part in his business ventures in a way that might allow them to turn a profit.

Of course, as a bonus, Jim Bob receives their capital and their name — and putting those signatures on the important documents allows the patriarch to hide assets from Uncle Sam.

It’s not the most ethical arrangement, but hey — at least it allow Anna to continue feeding her children once their dad goes up the river!


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