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Anna Duggar Paying HOW Much to Talk to Josh in Jail??


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Even after the detention center holding Josh Duggar banned her from visiting, Anna won’t stop calling Josh.

Josh was convicted in early December of 2021, and is being held in jail until he can be sentenced.

Anna has two options to contact her depraved husband: email, and video calls.

Neither of these services are free, and Anna can easily run up a hefty tab in the name of honoring her husband.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to worsen, Anna can call or email Josh … for a price.

Video calls with an inmate cost $0.25 per minute.

A single email sent to Josh while he remains in detention costs an outrageous $5.

Apparently, it is not unusual for local jails — like the one where Josh is being held — to jack up prices beyond what prisons charge.

Relatively short phone conversations have been documented to, in some cases, cost as much as $25.

A lot about Anna and her family’s financial future remains unclear, but even just a few dollars worth of conversation a day can add up over time.

It’s weird to think about paying to talk to Josh.

Few would want to be forced to speak to the disgusting man, especially after his conviction.

Clearly, Anna feels differently.

Does Anna think that Josh is really, truly innocent of the crimes for which he was convicted?

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We see this question asked a lot with varying degrees of horror.

However, from Anna’s perspective as a person raised and indoctrinated within a toxic cult, the question may miss the point.

“Does Anna think” may be the wrong question.

In her mind, according to how she was raised, thinking is not really her job.

Anna’s cult upbringing expects her to do many things, but making decisions is not really one of them.

Her duties are to serve her husband, her God, and her church.

That means that Anna is expected to produce a brood of children and help her husband indoctrinate them into their cult’s extreme beliefs.

It also means that she is expected to remain loyal and obedient to Josh, even while he remains behind bars.

IBLP actually has guidelines on how wives are expected to behave when their sexual predator husbands go to prison.

It involves visiting them in prison, helping to reinforce their religious beliefs during their incarceration, and worst of all, bringing their children to visit them.

While fortunately Anna cannot (and hopefully, will never be permitted to) bring her seven children to see Josh in prison, she will likely stick to the rest.

But even beyond Anna’s total lack of autonomy as a living incubator and a piece of property in the eyes of the Duggars and the cult, Josh’s guilt is moot.

For them, we mean.

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Why? Because their belief system simultaneously condemns almost the entire world for simple freedoms and choices, but also believes that all problems within the cult can be forgiven.

From the perspective of the cult, Josh’s incarceration is an inconvenience imposed by the state.

Morally, they believe, at least in theory, that he suffers from a spiritual affliction — an attack by the devil himself — that can be resolved with prayer.

Just like like Josh abased himself and prayed after molesting five young girls and then again when he was caught cheating, he can essentially pray hard enough to hit a reset button.

That is not how sexual predation works, but we’re talking about the theology of hardcore fundamentalists.

There is nothing that we can say to convince them, but some within the cult seem to believe that incarceration is the right thing for Josh.

Anna, on the other hand, seems to genuinely believe that this is all an elaborate frame job. That does not bode well for her children.

Perhaps the most important takeaway from this is not about Anna’s senseless, destructive devotion to Josh.

Why is our penal system so intent upon generating revenue by exacting vicious, unjustifiable tolls upon people — including innocent people who just want to talk to incarcerated loved ones?

Even if we pretended that everyone behind bars is as guilty as Josh (which is not remotely the case), how can anyone justify demanding this kind of money from free citizens?

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