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Anna Marie Tendler, Ex-Wife of John Mulaney, Grieves After a Painful 2021


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Truth be told, there are still a lot of questions about what went down when John Mulaney impregnated Olivia Munn.

It’s nobody else’s business but theirs … except maybe for John’s ex-wife, Anna Tendler.

Their once legendary marriage ended in 2021, changing the course of their respective lives forever.

In a moving and emotional New Years post, Anna bid farewell to a painful year and grieved what she has lost.

John Mulaney and Anna Tendler throwback

In May, John Mulaney and Anna Tendler announced that their six-year marriage was ending.

Only one week later, the world learned that John was dating actress Olivia Munn.

John formally filed for divorce in July.

Just two months later, news broke that Olivia was pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Both the timing and John’s previous child-free lifestyle made this a major surprise, with fans worrying that his still-recent relapse had caused this choices.

Regardless, John and Olivia welcomed their baby in November, indicating a conception from months before John and Anna announced anything.

So yes, 2021 was a very strange and in many ways unpleasant year for us all but also for Anna Hendler, specifically.

“Change can be soft and small,” she wrote on Instagram. “Change can be large and loud.”

Anna reflected: “Change cannot be warded off.”

John Mulaney - that's my wife

“Try as you might to shut the metaphorical door, to fasten the locks and batten down the hatches,” Anna wrote.

She continued: “You soon discover that change is an angry mob with pitchforks and torches.”

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Anna warned: “resist or acquiesce, it is here to burn your house down.”

Anna Tendler IG farewell to 2021 01 of 02

“The age-old adage stands: the only constant is change,” Anna observed.

“Over the past two years it seems that change has been synonymous with loss,” she added.

“And collectively,” Anna acknowledged, “this loss has been unfathomable.”

“It is tempting to construct a poetic list of all we’ve watched slip through our hands, but what’s the point?” Anna asked.

“We already know it and we grieve it daily,” she noted.

“:Even if we speak of a future when ‘things will go back to normal,'” Anna wrote, “our cautiously hopeful tones belie reality.”

Anna Tendler IG farewell to 2021 02 of 02

“Inertia has propelled us forward, there is no going back, there is no ‘back’ to go back to,” Anna suggested.

“Normal means something different now,” she continued.

Anna added: “My own brain is well acquainted with the elusiveness of hope that materializes in sporadic and ephemeral waves.”

“I suppose, in part, this is what it means to live with depression and anxiety,” Anna reflected.

“That said, melancholia is oft amplified by circumstance,” she pointed out, “and the circumstances of my year have been harsh and punishing.”

Anna expressed: “I find myself asking, ‘when will I feel normal?’”

“But in reality,” Anna admitted, “I recognize that the normal from before has expired.”

“‘Normal’ is an impossibility,” she explained, “there is only ‘new.'”

“So how does one digest grief?” Anna asked. “How do we metabolize trauma, collective and individual?”

John Mulaney - my wife is a bitch and I like her so much

“How, precisely, do we sit with, in order to move through?” Anna asked.

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“We call our friends; we allow ourselves to laugh,” she wrote. “We cry in parked cars. We work; we rest.”

Anna suggested: “We throw plates just to watch them break; we make things with our hands.”

Mulaney and Meyers

“We write, we read, we watch movies. We listen to music. We run, or walk, or sprint, or dance,” Anna listed.

“We ask for help or learn to ask for help. We love or learn to love again,” she continued.

“Here’s to all the things we did this year to cope and here’s to all we will do next year to heal,” Anna declared.

“An infinite history of pain and suffering occurred before this time,” Anna acknowledged.

Encouragingly, she continued: “Yet here we all are, surviving and creating and laughing at tik tok videos.”

“So long 2021,” Anna concluded. “For better or worse I will carry a piece of you with me forever.”


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