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Are Brochures Still Effective As A Marketing Tool?


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Brochures of old were typically associated with holidays; magazine-sized and glossy, they were colorful and designed to be flicked through for inspiration. But, the brochure world has moved on since then, and nowadays, finely crafted and creative brochures from companies like Wensum Print, have become vital marketing tools for all manner of businesses. 

Take a look at what a high-quality brochure could do for your business:

  • Get potential new customers to see your company for the first time
  • Expand and increase your brand’s visibility
  • Show non-tech-savvy customers what you’re all about
  • Speak louder than online advertising in a crowded marketplace

Still not convinced that your business could benefit from brochures as a marketing tool? Here are just a few reasons to invest in brochures from a high-quality printing firm:

  • Brochures are friendlier on tighter budgets. If your business is a start-up or you’re a cash-strapped entrepreneur, brochures are an affordable marketing method. 
  • Brochures provide branding that lasts. With the potential to be passed around from person to person for many months, or left sitting on a coffee table in a busy household or business, for example, your business can ensure that its brand and product or service endures in people’s minds for far longer than a digital ad might, and can easily be passed to others who might be interested. 
  • Brochures get to who they’re supposed to be. Brochures left in convenient places for potential customers to pick up, or delivered to people directly through their letterboxes, usually means they’ll be seen at least once by their target. 
  • Brochures enable you to say more. Without a word limit, you can say exactly what you want to about your business, and make sure potential customers get all of their questions answered. 
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How should brochures be distributed as a marketing tool?

In comparison to digital marketing efforts, physical forms of marketing such as brochures, can be extremely effective, and should ideally be distributed in the following ways: 

  • Placed in letterboxes. Takeaway brochures are a prime example of how effective this method of distribution can be. 
  • Placed in shops. Whether in individual shops or in shopping centers, brochures left in convenient spots in such places are likely to be picked up by customers shopping or browsing. 
  • Distributed at tradeshows. These are fantastic spots for gaining new customers and spreading the message about what you’re selling. 
  • Pinned on notice boards. Convenient and a place where many come to see what might be new in the neighborhood or community. 
    • In your reception area. If you have a brick-and-mortar stall, your brochures can be displayed inside the entrance, at the exit, or in the reception area if you have one. 
    • Distributed as flyers. Why not simply walk around your local town or city handing brochures out? Okay, so some might end up in the bin, but many will make it somewhere!
  • Placed inside magazines and newspapers. This is a great way to open your business up to a whole new audience. 

So, while digital marketing may have taken precedence over other, more traditional forms of marketing, it’s clear to see that such items as brochures can still play an important role in helping introduce potential customers to your business and brand, and are absolutely still worth investing in.

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