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Audrey Roloff Shares Birth Video, Cries in Bathtub: “Oh, Baby! Oh, Baby!”


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Say this about Audrey Roloff:

She holds absolutely nothing back.

Not even when it comes to the most personal moment of her life.

On November 8, the former Little People, Big World star welcomed her third child into the world, announcing the arrival of young Radley on Instagram.

We are so grateful to God for answering so many specific prayers in regards to this labor and delivery.

A word that I had been praying over this birth was “harmony,” wrote the mother of three last week.

She added at the time:

And it truly was one of the most harmonious experiences.

In the days since she and husband Jeremy became parents once again, Audrey has kept social media followers very well apprised of, well… everything.

She shared a selfie just one hour after giving birth.

She uploaded photos of Radley’s water birth.

And now she’s gone one step even farther, posting an actual video from this same miraculous experience.

In the somewhat dark and grainy, featured on her Instagram Stories, Audrey can be heard crying out in pain at various times and repeatedly chanting “Oh baby, oh baby” as the delivery reaches its climax.

“It’s a boy!” Jeremy calls out once he can spot the child’s gender.

“I love you, baby,” Audrey responds in heartfelt fashion.

We aren’t posting the video here because we understand that some readers may not be comfortable with it, but we applaud Audrey for being so candid about her labor and delivery.

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Just days after giving birth, Audrey even admitted she was “hurting” and “crying tears of pain.

Her goal?

To make other new mothers feel seen.

To make sure anyone suffering through similar symptons and/or issues do not feel alone.

“I wish all you postpartum mamas out there could read my DM’s right now literally thousands of you guys expressing your postpardum hurts and the hard that is this season,” Audrey recently wrote over a precious snapshot of Radley.

Concluded the podcast host and author:

“We are not alone. Whether it’s your physical body like its been for me or your mental state like it is for so many others.

“We need to be honest with ourselves and each other and give ourselves more grace for this season.”

How very well said, right?

Audrey and Jeremy are also parents to a son named Bode and a daughter named Ember.

Upon welcoming their sibling into the family, Jeremy gushed over little Radley.

But over his strong and powerful spouse as well.

“@audreyroloff showed immense strength and surrender and I’m completely amazed at her,” wrote the former TLC personality online, adding:

“The Roloff household is healthy and full of joy, thank you all for the prayers and well wishes.

“Cheers to Radley!”


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