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Behind the Scenes: How Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) Are Changing Advertising


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International advertising has a wide and interrelated space with several players who are supposed to serve the process of getting an ad from the genesis to the display. These factors entailed the emergence of the demand-side platform as a powerful tool, which changed the way traditional advertisers were purchasing and managing their ad space.

DSP stands for Demand-Side Platform, which is the advertising tool that helps media planners to choose and manage digital campaigns, like ad units, banners, videos, and many others, in real time.

The idea is of a vivid marketplace displaying ad space where buyers can preview and bid for available real estate in the market – this is similar to what a demand-side platform is basically. DSPs are specialised software platforms that effectively function as digital media trading desks offering the ability for advertisers to automate the purchase of ad impressions on various online sites. This manifestation is represented by display advertising, video advertising, mobile advertising, and others.

How Do DSPs Work?

Here’s a glimpse into the inner workings of a DSP:

Campaign Setup

A DSP provides the environment where an advertiser can select the right audience, set a budget, and choose what style of ad formats would work together to reach the target audience.

Inventory Access

The DSP joins the string of Ad Exchanges and Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs) that are responsible for the publisher’s ad space sales. This allows the creation of a great number of site pages that can receive ads.

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Real-Time Bidding

The DSP can process the user data in a real environment by the algorithms and auction available ad space. The DSP is informed by the brand’s set parameters, and it will bid automatically on the most appropriate advertising impressions.

Ad Delivery and Performance Tracking

Finally, a successful ad wins the right to be located on the chosen website or an app. This makes it possible for the advertiser to discover the ad campaign’s performance, which then offers the data useful for the development of the next campaign.

Benefits of Using a DSP 

By leveraging a DSP, advertisers can unlock several advantages: By leveraging a DSP, advertisers can unlock several advantages:

Increased Efficiency

DSPs deal with the bidding process automated, so less time and money are used by the advertisers compared with manual ad buying.

Improved Targeting

Selective targeting is the basis of marketing, which refers to reaching the most specific group of people, based on their demographics, interests, behavior, and others.

Greater Control

DSPs are the incarnation of live marketing campaign management and a budget optimization tool so advertisers can adjust their strategy for better outputs.

Data-Driven Decisions

DSPs deliver campaign performance results to advertisers in the perceived form of systematic analyzing and optimizing the campaigns to get maximum efficiency.

Transparent Pricing

Almost all DSPs charge money on the cost-per-impression (CPM) model which helps in ad pricing; it is also impolite. 

The Future of DSPs

The demand side platform will keep on growing along with continuing to develop AI and ML technologies and thus, they will play an even more crucial role in advertising. We can expect to see: We can expect to see:

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Smarter Bidding Strategies

AI algorithm-based bidding programs will be able to sharpen up the performance and help achieve the best ROI among the best ones.

Enhanced Audience Targeting

These DSPs will apply more comprehensive data sources that will create audiences that will be hypersensitive to achieve the highest level of relevancy in identification, packaging, presentation, and display.

Holistic Campaign Management

DSPs may synchronize their way with marketing automation tools, as marketers get to use a single platform in the daily advertisement process.

The Final Word

Demand-side platforms are changing a traditional way of buying ad inventory and it letting advertisers manage online campaigns via one platform simply and efficiently. DSP means more ads are relevant and efficient using automation and targeting with accurate data, as well as providing insights. In the face of rapid advances in technology, programmatic advertising platforms will be needed more and more as online advertising keeps evolving.

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