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Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods: Even WE Are Shocked We’re Still Together!


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No one watching the first 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All would have predicted what was to come.

Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods are engaged, and have been for months.

Ed himself admits that he was a self-obsessed jerk and a terrible partner, but wants the world to believe that he’s changed.

Liz seems to think that he has become a better man. Even she’s surprised by it.

Big Ed Brown got chewed out and widely condemned after Liz exposed him at the Tell All.

He’s a creep, he has control issues, and viewers watched him put Liz through the same BS that he did to Rosemarie Vega.

To this day, hearing Debbie chew out Big Ed is one of the highlights of the franchise. 

To quote Kim Kardashian: It’s what he deserves.

Still, Liz gave Ed a very undeserved second chance this summer.

He took it, proposing to her almost immediately after they got back together, and now … they’re closer than ever.

“Never did I expect more than 18 months ago we would be here!” Liz admitted in the caption of a recent Instagram post.

“I Love You! I Love Us! @thisisbiged thank you for completing me,” she gushed.

From the start till now, it was not easy,” Liz acknowledged. “You, forever with little miss have my heart.”

These two have now been engaged for four months and still seem to be very happy together.

The 29-year-old restaurant employee and the 56-year-old photographer-slash-creep can’t help gushing over each other.

In a recent Instagram Story post, Liz raved about their ongoing love story.

Liz Woods IG marvels at continued relationship with Big Ed Brown

“Every day he asks me if I love him,” Liz wrote, “and the answer is yes.”

She continued: “Every day he asks me if I am happy and the answer is yes.”

Liz added: “I hope this fairy tale never ends.”

Liz Woods IG shares

For his part, Ed also admitted that he didn’t think that they’d get to this place in “a million years.”

Clearly, they have both changed their tune.

Now Ed is spending a lot of time around Liz’s daughter, and they have welcomed a new dog into the family.

Ed and Liz had broken up weeks before the Tell All was filmed early this year.

After all of that drama and heartache, Ed somehow managed to spend the night with Liz in the hotel room.

The next day, however, he broke up with her via text message — one of eight such breakups, by his recollection.

Time passed, but Liz reached out to Ed after his beloved dog passed away this summer, expressing her condolences.

The two began to reconnect after that, apparently communicating via email (at least, that’s what Ed said in an interview).

Eventually, they decided to try dating again. Things quickly escalated from there.

According to Ed, the two of them began dating again on a Saturday, and were engaged on Sunday.

Whether he was speaking literally or not is unclear, but it sure sounded like it.

We will see more of their bizarre story play out on our screens … no matter what we may think of Big Ed as a person.

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