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Biography of Lyudmila Gurchenko


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The property of the Soviet and Russian cinema, Lyudmila MarkovnaGurchenko comes from Ukraine, from the family of the Smolensk peasant Mark Gavrilovich and the hereditary pillar noblewoman Elena Dallas Yocum. The family was very creative and musical. Before the war, my parents were employees of the city philharmonic society: Mark Gavrilovich, a self-taught musician, bayanist, sang well, performed at holidays, and Elena Aleksandrovna helped him. Beloved daughter, “Klukovka”, as Mark Gavrilovich affectionately called her, was always close to her parents, she literally grew up behind the scenes and later recalled her life before the war as music.

During the war, when Lyudmila Gurchenko’s father went to the front, and she and her mother remained in occupied Kharkov, the musical and artistic abilities of the future star saved them from starvation: Lyudmila performed, including with arias from German operettas.

After the liberation of Kharkov, in 1943, Gurchenko went to first grade, and a year later she was admitted to a music school. Performances did not stop, the girl sang in front of veterans and went to concerts in military units. Lyudmila never doubted that she would become an artist thanks to her father’s boundless love and faith in her. Yes, and all friends and relatives saw in her the future pop star. However, she decided to enter the Institute of Cinematography, where she was accepted from the first entry, to the workshop of S. Gerasimov and T. Makarova.

If my loved one is cheating on me, it means that he considers me a nonentity, and if I am a nonentity, then he is also a nonentity, because he chose me. In such cases, I just left … forever. (Lyudmila Gurchenko)

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Even among the brilliant and gifted classmates, Gurchenko stood out for her unique charm, bright energy and self-confidence. It seems quite logical that fate brought her together with the then young director EldarRyazanov, thanks to whom Gurchenko became a real celebrity. The role of LenochkaKrylova in Ryazanov’s film “Carnival Night” made the young actress a favorite of the whole country. The successfully found image was used in several films of the late 50s and early 60s. In 1963, the actress was admitted to the Moscow Sovremennik Theater, where she played quite successfully. However, in the cinema, they did not offer bright roles; it seemed as if they forgot about her for a long 10 years.

The situation began to improve only in the early 70s, after the film “Old Walls”. It was during these years that several iconic dramas with her participation were released at once: “Twenty Days Without War”, “Siberiada”, “Five Evenings”. Thanks not only to her bright talent, but also to her character, she became one of the leading actresses of Soviet cinema. “Success comes just when you don’t expect anything. When you don’t make a bet: they say, this picture will turn the world upside down, this song… All my successful pictures have always been accidental. Case-tea-we-mi! Well, they took it off, everything is very nice, and suddenly – an explosion! – recalled Lyudmila Gurchenko.

One of the important components of the actress’s creative life was musical concerts, where her talent as a singer was honed. In this capacity, Lyudmila Gurchenko has released a number of records and CDs.

Personal life of Lyudmila Gurchenko

Gurchenko’s biographers note that attachment to her father influenced the actress’s personal life: all her life she was looking for someone like him, but she could not find it. Officially, the actress was married five times. The first husband was VasilyOrdynsky, whom they met at VGIK. This student marriage lasted only a year.
For the second time, Lyudmila Gurchenko married Boris Andronikashvili, the son of the writer Boris Pilnyak, falling in love with his bright beauty and extraordinary mind. In marriage, the only daughter of Gurchenko, Masha, was born. But two years later, the couple broke up.
Marriages with Alexander Fadeev and IosifKobzon were just as short.
Unregistered relationships turned out to be stronger than official marriages – with her fifth, civil, husband, musician Konstantin Cooperweiss, the actress lived for 18 years. But because of his betrayal, they broke up.
Lyudmila Gurchenko entered into her last marriage with producer Sergei Senin.

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The daughter, Maria Koroleva, had a very difficult relationship with her famous mother, they did not talk for a long time. The reason was the death from drugs of the only grandson Gurchenko, the son of Mary – Mark. The actress then blamed her daughter for the tragedy and stopped communicating with her. Gurchenko did not make a secret of the fact that her main role – the role of the mother, she failed. Maria died on November 8, 2017. She left a daughter, Elena, named after her beloved grandmother, who replaced her mother, and two granddaughters.

The female body is not an accordion for you: if I get fat – I will lose weight, if I get fat – I will lose weight … We must control ourselves. I still fit into the clothes in which Ryazanov starred in Carnival Night (Julia Rommelt)

Lyudmila Gurchenko died on March 30, 2011 from heart failure at the age of 75. She wanted to be buried at the Vagankovsky cemetery, next to her parents and beloved grandson, but the actress was buried at Novodevichy.

Interesting facts about Lyudmila Gurchenko

  • During the filming of the film “Girl with a Guitar”, the Minister of Culture invited Gurchenko to cooperate with the KGB at the VI International film Festival of Youth and Students. The refusal caused the persecution of the actress
  • at 65, Lyudmila Gurchenko starred in an erotic scene
  • withIosifKobzon, they signed at the Kuibyshev Philharmonic: the director of the Philharmonic urgently found and persuaded the workers of the registry office to register the marriage on the day off. Formally, this marriage was never annulled.
  • the last husband of the actress was 14 years younger than her
  • all his life Gurchenko managed to maintain his famous waist of 56 cm

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